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SUNDEWS for beginners

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  • Sundews belong to the Drosera plant family and is one of the largest genera of carnivorous plants, consisting of over 190 species
  • Sundews lure, capture, and digest insects using modified leaves with small tentacles covered by a sticky glue-like substance on their leaf surfaces
  • Carnivorous plants listed in this section contains a range of sundew species that are:
    • Easy to grow, thus perfect for beginners
    • Will thrive in a protected area outdoors or a windowsill with a couple of hours direct morning sun (a North-facing window is perfect)
    • a fun introduction to subtropical and temperate sundews.  Neither the rosetted nor upright sundew will need a dormancy period, and will grow throughout the year.  The forkleaf sundew is a temperate plant that will go dormant during the colder months and regrow as temperatures warm and the days get longer in springtime 
    • Are excellent companion plants to venus flytraps, terrestrial bladderworts and trumpet pitcher plants in carnivorous plant bogs and savage gardens
    • Are available for collection at the nursery or sent via courier to your door and also delivered to Postnet branches nationwide
    • Are well-established, rooted plants sent already potted - just unwrap, place in a shallow tray with distilled water in a sunny spot with 4-6 hours direct morning sun and enjoy!

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SUNDEWS for beginners

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