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Pre-orders @ Cultivo: Pre-sales of imported carnivorous plants

You asked and we listened

We are sourcing the plants you want ... need ... MUST HAVE! 

Why pre-order?


  • ✔️  Get early access to the freshest new releases.  Never miss out on another collectors item
  • ✔️  No more sad faces because of 'Sold out' products
  • ✔️  Spend your hard earned cash on exactly what you want.  Get access to that rare plant that has been tugging at your heart strings since the carnivorous plant bug bit you in 1949 😂
  • ✔️  Be the envy of your friends.  Get your hands on that unique plant that your friend will likely not find at the local plant nursery
  • ✔️  Get the coolest plant at the best price.  We cover all the import costs on pre-orders.  Imported plant prices are determined by the current exchange rate and once released as 'In stock' on the store, prices are likely to increase as import costs will make up a portion of the retail price
  • ✔️  Justify shipping costs.  Save up and combine more plants into one order and pay for shipping once 
  • ...and lastly....Stay on Santa's NICE list.  Weeks between imports will give you the opportunity to wash the dishes, mow the lawn and take out the trash.  Being on Santa's NICE list might just get your Dear Santa letter to the top of the pile, which will make pre-ordering at Cultivo worth your while

I want in! How do I join in the fun?
  • Pre-order ALLSP12 is closing at midnight on 26 February 2020     
  • Read and ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions on Pre-Orders, then complete the registration form below
  • Download the relevant availability list and place your order according to the guideline set out in the terms and conditions section
  • You can combine items from various availability lists into a single order
  • In short:  Read the terms and conditions > register > download the list(s) and place the order

What's available for pre-order?

  • We aim to do a couple of imports with different plant species over the next couple of months
  • Check back regularly. The lists will be updated frequently while we receive confirmation from the various suppliers
  • As these orders will only ship later, you can add more products to your existing pre-order via e-mail, as long as it is still in stock, confirmed and processed before the deadline
  • We have some featured products for viewing in this section.  For the full list of plants available, click-to-download the latest availability lists for our currently active pre-orders below


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