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RARE! TERRESTRIAL BLADDERWORT:  Utricularia Calycifida 'Asenath Waite' 📏 2cm Plug

RARE! TERRESTRIAL BLADDERWORT: Utricularia Calycifida 'Asenath Waite' 📏 2cm Plug

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Due to import restrictions, carnivorous bladderworts are often relatively rare in collections amongst South African growers

Bladderworts produce tiny traps underneath the soil which will catch and digest microscopic organisms for nutrition. Even though the carnivorous magic happens below the soil level, bladderworts are usually grown for the tiny orchid-like flowers and are fantastic candidates for a sunny windowsill, outdoors in semi-shade or terrariums

  • Utricularia Calycifida 'Asenath Waite' resulted from a cross Barry Rice made in 2000 between U. 'Lavinia Whateley' and 'Mrs. Marsh'.  Interestingly, this new cultivar has prominent purple leaf venation absent in both its parents. The flowers of this registered cultivar are also very distinctive with large lips and a lovely blue-lilac blush - A true gem in the collection 
  • Note that these plants may not be in flower at the time of purchase
  • Great for carnivorous plant bogs, terrestrial bladderworts can also be repotted on its own into our PROmix for bladderworts or shredded, moist long fiber sphagnum moss
  • Grow terrestrial bladderworts in semi-shade or sheltered location with very bright light. Using the tray method, keep your plant standing in a tray with 0.5-1cm water (Rainwater, distilled- or reverse osmosis water preferred). Top watering is fine too, keep your plant moist at all times - never let the soil dry completely
  • In optimal conditions, the plant plug will spread to fill the container over the next couple of months
  • Utricularia Calycifida usually flowers during the warmer months of spring and summer - Enjoy them, flowering does not affect growth such as in the case of venus flytraps and sundews, thus bladderworts can be left to flower


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