• Our expert team have assisted many carnivorous plant enthusiasts over the past couple of years
  • Even though we do not have ALL the answers we can assist with general growing advice and common problems associated with carnivorous plants
  • Note that the advice we provide is based purely on personal experience and is not set in stone. We always recommend doing additional research on specific concerns. The internet is filled with excellent resources, how-to videos, discussion forums and carnivorous plant social media groups
  • Some excellent publications are also available and make for wonderful bedtime reading - check out our recommendations here
How can we help?
  • We can assist with specific plant queries and concerns:
    • Abnormal growth
    • Expectations due to seasonal changes ie. winter dormancy
    • Pests and disease
    • Growing media and supplies
    • Recommended books, videos, weblinks and other resources

What do you need from me in order to assist?

  • In order to assist you best, we prefer addressing specific concerns via e-mail correspondence
  • Send us an e-mail to admin@cultivocarnivores.com to submit your question
  • Please provide as much details as possible: 
    • The species or variety or plant.  (Tip: If you have bought the plant from us please use the same e-mail address if you do not know the plant species)
    • Where have you bought the plant?
    • How long have you had the plant?
    • Where do you stay?
    • Details about your care till date:  Indoors, outdoors, lighting, water, soil, fertilisers, repotting etc
    • A detailed description of a single issue (one concern submission per e-mail please)
    • When did you start noticing the problem?
    • Images are not absolutely necessary but will certainly be very helpful.  Provide us with clear photographs as this will make identification easier

Ok! Submitted, now what?

  • We endeavour to respond as soon as possible, however, longer times may occur during very busy periods.  Kindly allow up to 7 business days for a response
 Some additional notes:
  • This service is free and we volunteer valuable time and effort to assist you regardless of where you live
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  • You also agree that the information you receive through this service is free and such information and recommendations are provided solely for educational and informational purposes only; all decisions you ultimately make remains your own responsibility
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