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FAQ: Will Cultivo be open during the winter?

  • Yes, Cultivo will remain open year round, including the duration of winter dormancy
  • Our business hours for collections from the nursery will remain the same, and the online store will of course always be open
  • During winter, live plants are be shipped as dormant rhizomes (winter bulbs) ready for you to pot up and for them to wake up during springtime at their new home
  • Plants will be listed as โ€˜dormant rhizome or winterbulbโ€™ so that you know exactly what to expect
  • With the shorter daylight period and cooler weather, temperate carnivorous plants will enter a rest period called winter dormancy during the colder months of the year - in South Africa winter dormancy usually sets in at April to May and lasts until September to October
    • Dormant plants will still be listed and available for purchase, however
      • if you're new to carnivorous plants, this information will give you an idea of what to expect
  • Plant images shown are always from our own plants unless otherwise mentioned
    • Product images represent our plants in full summer growth under optimal conditions
  • As plants are a product of nature, slight variations may occur in terms of size andย colour
  • If ever in doubt, feel free to contact us to confirm, prior to your purchase

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