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I live a remote area and is worried about having my plant shipped. What happens if my plant is dead on arrival?

  • Did you know we have an ARRIVE ALIVE policy?
    • At Cultivo we are very focussed on plant quality and extremely meticulous about packing and shipping of live plants
    • Due to the variable delivery times of the Post Office we only send live plants via the Courier or Postnet
    • Depending on where you reside, your parcel may take up to 7 business days to reach you
    • We will pack and protect your precious carni cargo the best we can to ensure safe arrival of your new plant
  • What happens if my plant arrives DEAD๏ปฟย โ˜ ๏ธ
    • Delivery times and handling of parcels by carriers are completely beyond our control
    • Once your parcel leaves our premises we will send you the tracking details.ย  Couriers usually require a signature on delivery so please make sure there is someone who can take receipt of your parcel
    • We will send you a strong, healthy plant or winter bulb and we cannot be held responsible for parcels left outside in the sun (or eaten by a dog ๐Ÿฉ ๐Ÿ˜‚)
    • We strive towards excellence and you as our customer is our first priority
      • Should your plant be dead (black and mushy) on arrival simply contact us within 6 hours of receiving your parcel
      • Please include images of damages to the parcel if applicable as well as the plant in question
      • These images can be sentย to or Whatsapp 064 628 9497, and we will replace this item completely free of charge if the claim is warranted
    • Should we not have the particular plant in stock anymore, we will issue you with store credit for the value of the lost plant (shipping fees excluded)
    • We do not offer cash refunds
    • We are always available for advice and, for easy reference, the web link to all our care sheets are available in the 'shipping and collection details e-mail' sent after your purchase, should you need advice on providing your new plant with optimal care
    • The responsibility is now handed over to you
      • We strongly urge you to do some research on specific needs and follow the guidelines provided
      • Carnivorous plants are generally easy to grow providing they receive enough light, water and a bit of TLC.ย  We strongly advise on potting up bareroot plants on arrival and acclimatising them accordingly
      • We can not be held responsible for declining plant health after the 6 hour time frame, due to lack of light, neglect, water quality, soil conditions etcย 
    • If you are unclear about anything regarding Cultivo's arrive alive policy, feel free to contact us via the 'send us a message' button below


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