• Venus flytraps, trumpet pitchers and purple pitchers are temperate plants and in autumn, plants get smaller as they prepare for winter dormancy.  Dormancy lasts from April to early October and these plants will stop actively growing and die back to the roots
  • Images depict plants in active growth during summertime.  Wholesale offers are available year round, however, from May to September these plants are sold as clean, dormant winter bulbs with cut traps, making them appear very small - around ¼ of the summer size  They will start to grow vigorously in the spring, around October 
  • We currently have various options:  
    • Option 1: Wholesale - 10, 35, 50 or 100 x bare root plants per species (sizes as indicated); 
    • Option 2: Bug-munching MAXI box - 30 potted plants (3-4 yr old plants);
    • Option 3: Bug-munching MINI box - 30 potted plants (12-18 months old);
    • Option 4: Import on demand - rare species & special cultivars
Download order form
Download order form