Some technical stuff you need to know:

  • With Pre-orders @ Cultivo, we want to make all of your carnivorous plant dreams come true and by Cultivo standards, always only consider the best of the best
  • By offering participation in these imports, we aim to provide our clients with exceptional quality plants in monster sizes and the ultimate best variety South Africa has to offer
  • We love all things carnivorous and we know that a variety of plant species and seed of exceptional quality are not always easy to come by.  We therefore only import plants and fresh seed from reputable nurseries and trusted private growers from around the globe
  • All of the plants offered are propagated from seeds, cuttings, divisions and tissue culture.  We do not sell wild-collected plants
  • All plant species listed are available for pre-order at the time the list goes live.  From the suppliers, some plants - especially collector items - are only available in very limited quantities and Cultivo is but a fish in a great, big pond of worldwide clients to these carnivorous plant tycoons - Rare stuff may sell out very fast, so do not delay in placing your order so that we can get in early
  • Lists will be updated as we confirm availability - items marked in red is no longer available
  • There is no minimum order on these retail imports and we cover all the CITES, import documents and international courier costs so that you can focus on growing your private collection
  • At this time pre-orders are open to South African customers only.  Should you have the relevant import documentation for your country, and would like to participate in pre-orders, get in touch with us and we can explore possible options for export of live plant material


Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

  • Due to growing conditions and seasonal differences, some plants may need a certain degree of acclimatisation to their new environment
  • A certain amount of plant species will also need special attention in cultivation.  We highly recommend doing some research on specific plant needs and special conditions required, prior to adding a specific plant to your order
  • For tropical pitcher plants, Tom's Carnivores has an excellent resource available in this regard, view this handy Altitude interactive guide.  This reference is a fantastic resource that will help you determine which conditions certain nepenthes species will need (and you should provide) for them to thrive in your care
  • As mentioned, plants will be sent bareroot and we strongly advise on ensuring you have the correct growing media, pots and supplies ready before the arrival of your new plants in order for them to settle in quicker at their new home
  • As these plants are imported from various countries, temperate plants may be dormant due to seasonal differences (This will be noted in the pre-order availability list) which will also help them to settle in quicker
  • If you are not experienced in growing carnivorous plants, we highly recommend doing some research on winter dormancy so that you know exactly what to expect

  • Availability lists will be updated regularly with regards to stock and availability.  Collector plants, vulnerable- and threatened species, as well as seed originals and special cultivars are often extremely rare in plant collections and may also be very limited in stock, thus do not delay in placing your order so that we can confirm early
  • Over time, we have built excellent business relations with our suppliers and trust that they will continue sending us strong and healthy plants.  As per the feedback from the previous pre-orders, we have had many starry-eyed faces, positive reports and have had no cases of missing items
  • Most plants are semi-mature to mature (flowering size) unless otherwise mentioned - follow the estimated size guides for each plant species
  • The internet is an excellent resource if you are new to the various plant species and will guide you on the different traits, characteristics and flowers of each.  In addition to a quick Google search, the CP photo finder is another great resource in doing research on carnivorous plants
  • Some lists include notes and descriptions. Please note that images and descriptions on these lists are supplied to us and none of these plants are in our possession - we can therefor not be held liable for variations from the description, ie. we have no control over described colours and characteristics
  • Plants are a product of nature and therefor slight variations may occur. Take special note especially in the case of seed grown plants, where colours may be highly variable.  With seedgrown plants, actual colours may - in many instances - vary from available internet resources


  • We will do all possible to confirm stock before you pay the deposit, that is the reason why the invoice will only be sent after we receive confirmation. 
  • The deposit is non-refundable should you change your mind or choose to cancel your order within 7 days of the closing date
  • However, rest assured. as from from our side, should any of your items for some reason not arrive from the supplier, we will notify you and give you a full cash refund (including the deposit) for the specific item
  • Did you know that we have an arrive-alive policy? Full details are available in the FAQ section our website 


Gotcha! Now, the Guideline:  How to participate in pre-orders


Placing the order 

  • Complete the registration form for pre-orders@Cultivo, then
  • Send us an e-mail to with your Name and Surname plus PRE-ORDER ALLSP12 in the subject line
  • List the quantity, order code and complete plant name in your order 
  • This e-mail order binds you to a commitment and if not paid in full, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required at the time of invoicing to secure your item(s)
How to order: Pre-orders@Cultivo

    Alright, I have sent the order. What happens now?

    • Once we receive your order via e-mail, we will confirm stock with the supplier (This may take a couple of days as we have to wait for them to confirm)
    • Should a specific plant no longer be available, we will contact you immediately and you may either choose to remove it from your order or select another as a replacement

      Ok, all the items have been confirmed, so....


      • Once we have confirmation that all the items in your order are available, we will create an invoice for you 
      • The final amount due will be sent to you in this invoice, via e-mail - The banking details for the deposit / full payment will be available on this invoice
      • Final payments are to be completed according to the deadline below for your items to be included in this shipment 
      • All items in pre-order ALLSP12 are to be paid in full and cleared by midnight on the 26th of February and the shipment should arrive around *mid-April
      • *The arrival date is only an estimation and will depend on the date the shipment is sent.  This may also be affected by shipping carrier schedules and local customs clearance time 
      • We will notify you once the shipment arrives at the South African customs, this advance notice should give you enough time to prepare pots and growing media for your new plants


      Great! I have received my invoice, which payment methods can i use? 


      • We prefer EFTs, as it is the cheapest option for us both
      • Online card payments via Payfast will be accepted.  Please note that a 7% processing fee applies to card payments to cover transaction- and processing fees by the bank
      • For this preorder we also accept Paypal payments.  Paypal payments are processed in Euro and the total amount due will be converted on the day of confirmation.  Please note that a 7% fee will be added to the total to cover paypal fees


      Skip a few weeks....At this time 26 February is but a distant memory...Knock-Knock.....Yay! The shipment has arrived. Now what?


      • We will let you know as soon as the shipment me, by now we are as excited as you are!
      • Due to custom regulations live plants are to be imported with no soil (called bareroot)
      • Please ensure you have the correct growing media and pots ready.  We will notify you in advance (once the shipment arrives at the South African customs), so that you can make the necessary preparations
      • In order to get these precious plants potted and settling in as soon as possible, your order will need to be collected from the Strawberry pot nursery in Centurion within 24 hours 
      • If you are not collecting your order from the nursery, your plants will be sent via overnight courier (MON-THU), within 24 hours of the arrival of the shipment at our premises
      • The cost for the overnight courier-to-your-door is priced from R250 and will largely depend on the size of your order and your location.  We will be able to give you a better estimation once we confirm your order
      • The shipping fee will be included in the invoice

        That's it for terms and conditions

        • By placing this order we trust that you have read and understand our business regulations with regards to pre-orders
        • Thank you for trusting us with your import.  Please contact us at with any pre-order queries or clarification