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COBRA PLANT: Darlingtonia Californica loc Eight Dollar Mountain

  • R850.00 ZAR

** ** Collectors Item - RARE and Highly sought after ** **

** Extremely limited in supply **

We are so excited to finally introduce this Cultivo exclusive release

Darlingtonia Californica (best known as California pitcher plants, cobra plants and cobra lilies) thrive in bright light, moderate humidity with mild temperatures (20°C to 25°C).  For best colouration, we recommend growing these under strong fluorescent lights with stable conditions or at the very least a windowsill with very bright light

Overall, Darlingtonia is a hardy plant that grows very, very slowly and is not an easy beginner plant. If you're a patient experienced grower, you will certainly enjoy growing cobra lilies. We highly recommend doing some research on the specific needs of darlingtonia californica prior to ordering - these are well established hardened off plants and are (due to their slow growing nature) currently available in extremely limited supply

Specific notes on Darlingtonia
Darlingtonia Californica is generally regarded as a plant for the experienced grower.  Adult specimens will produce pitchers approximately 30cm tall. The adult pitchers have a distinct cobra-like head with light windows, along with the distinct 'tongue' protruding from the bottom of the head. Cobra Lilies seem to prefer fresh running water to provide cool roots.  Moderate (50%+ ) humidity and bright light (while still managing mild temperatures) are the other considering factors in growing them successfully  

  • Collection:  
    • You'll receive a well established potted plant 
  • Sent via courier:  
    • Plant roots are quite fragile, thus your plant will be sent already potted, packed and protected to minimise damage
    • Upon receiving, unpack your plant carefully and choose a growing area with bright light. Carefully top water your plant and keep in a small film of water via a tray
    • As the main growing media component is sphagnum moss, never let your plant dry out
    • Frequent cool water misting will be beneficial to your plant's growth


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Customer Reviews

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Darlingtonia californica review

Well iv only had the Darlingtonia californica loc eight dollar mountain for a few days now but I am inlove with it 😁 it's a beautiful , healthy plant and I can't wait for it to grow !! I will defnitivly have to get more at some point 😊


Cobra Lily: Darlingtonia Californica loc Eight dollar mountain

Cobra Lily : Darlingtonia Californica

Very impressed with Cultivo Carnivores collection, knowledge and dedication to customers. I have bought carnivorous plants previously from Cultivo Carnivores and they have always been strong and healthy plants. As an avid collector, they have a large variety, many I have been unable to find elsewhere. Highly recommended.

Darlingtonia Gems

Stunning plants as usual!!!!

Cobra Lily

Absolutely stunning. So pleased to have been able to add this to my collection. A strong healthy plant. Such a pleasure doing business with Cultivo Carnivores!

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