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Bug-munching mini's * Buy carnivorous plants online @ Cultivo Carnivores, South Africa

BUG-MUNCHING MINI's * 3 plant MYSTERY collection * WINDOWSILL (indoors)

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They're cute...They're adorable...They're collectable....

They're Bug-munching MINI's

Brand new 

  • At the end of 2020, we joined forces with Epic Aquatics to offer you a brand new carni exclusive product in our grow-your-own-range.  Bug-munching MINI's by EPIC CARNIVORES (see what we did there?) is a brand new venture we simply cannot wait to share with the world.  Plants in this range are mostly seed originals which make these starter plants extra special 

The perfect inbetweener 

  • Bug-munching MINI's are around 1-3cm in size and are designed to give you a 1 to 2 year head start on raising carnivorous plants from seed, which often requires special conditions and a bucket load of patience
  • These adorable plants make excellent gifts and can be raised as a little plant family, potted up in your very own Bug-munching carnivorous plant bog or mounted on wood and rocks adding some carnivorous plant magic to your windowsill

Oooohhhh...Tell me more!

  • Bug-munching MINI's are currently available in different collection sets for indoor and outdoor growing as well as random singles to add to your existing plant collection.  Collections are put together by our plant experts and plants will grow well together as they have similar light, water- and drainage requirements 
  • Windowsill mystery (our choice) collection
    • Contains a mixed variety of 3 different beginner-friendly BUG-MUNCHING MINI carnivorous plants from our singles-per-species range, plus a mini water tray absolutely free
    • Plants are hand picked and selected from species which requires similar growing conditions.  This collection can be grown as a little plant family or potted up in your very own Bug-munching carnivorous plant bog
    • Requires 2-4 hours direct sunlight indoors, moist roots and free drainage
    • Perfect for a sunny windowsill


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      Bug munching mini Windowsill Collection

      Plants in excellent condition. Have never had Nephentis before so a bit nervous. The Drosera is growing marvelously. Excellent Service Verified Reviews Badge
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