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Cultivo's R•O•C•K•S

Cultivo's R•O•C•K•S

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Brand new and exclusive

  • Cultivo’s creative rocks make excellent gift ideas and are custom made. Each of these are made with love and as none of them look the same they are so unique - an exciting new addition to Cultivo's carni boutique mystique
  • Each rock is planted with a cool carnivorous plant or two plus a hearty chuck of moss to bring your patio or terrarium alive with carnivorous plant magic
  • Perfect for a sunny windowsill, protected outdoor patio with a minimum of 2-3 hours direct morning sun or mounted in a terrarium with artificial lighting
  • Keep the rock standing in a shallow tray, filled with distilled water (1-2cm deep) in order to keep the rock surface moist at all times.  Moss and plant roots can also be soaked every couple of hours using a spray bottle
  • Each rock is unique and R•O•C•K•S are available in different sizes.  Priced from R400, please send us a message or visit the Strawberry pot nursery for current availability

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