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The BEAST of the Best

  • Species: Dionaea Muscipula
  • The DC XL cultivar is the challenger to B52 for the "world's largest traps" title
    • The "XL," refers to the words 'X-tra Large'
  • These plants are mostly green with a reddish tint on the inside of the trap when grown outside in full sun
  • The first traps in spring are usually the largest and can approach 5cm in size on a fully grown mature plant
  • In addition to being handsome and ginormous for a venus flytrap, DC XL is also an extraordinarily hardy grower and a wonderful addition to any carnivorous plant collection
  • Whether you prefer starting off with a younger plant and watch it grow into full majestic glory over the years or jumping in with more munch, right from the get go, we've got you covered!  Cultivo is all about choices and our plants are available in various sizes and options to suit your every want and need.  These are 3 year old (2-5cm) to 5+ years (near-flowering size) plants, sold either bareroot or already potted in our deluxe carnivorous plant soil, ready for action during the upcoming growing season 
  • Winter dormancy:
    • During the autumn and winter months, venus flytraps die back significantly and are sold as clean, dormant rhizomes making them appear much smaller than listed
    • Larger growth (sizes as indicated) in the form of new summer traps are expected during springtime
    • Should you be unfamiliar with this plant species, head over to our FAQ section for more information on what to expect when ordering from us during the colder months >> Temperate plants and winter dormancy:  What to expect

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Venus Flytrap * Packaging and Shipping procedure * How will you receive your plant?

       All Flytraps - Shop by Category - Cultivo Carnivores



      • Venus flytraps need a lot of light to thrive.  Plants can be grown in a protected area outdoors with full sun, year round
      • In Gauteng, we recommend growing flytraps outdoors with (at the very least) 6 hours morning sun.  Note that during summertime soil may become very hot and plants may overheat during heatwaves.  During these spells, protect your plant from the harsh afternoon sun


      • As venus flytraps are bog plants, always keep the soil moist using the tray method. Top-watering is fine during winter time when plants are dormant and sluggish traps will not be triggered accidentally
      • Low-mineral water is highly recommended and we use distilled- or reverse osmosis water, when rainwater is scarce
      • Fluctuate the water level to air the roots by letting the tray dry in between waterings, but never let the plant itself dry out completely


      • Carnivorous plants are self-sufficient hunters and have adapted to catch and digest their own food.  As venus flytraps are plants, their growing energy is derived from the sun via photosynthesis (Therefor your plant will never die due to starvation).  During the growing season they will lure, catch and digest their own insects which acts as a type of fertiliser. Never feed your flytrap hamburger meat, viennas, biltong, braaivleis, milk or vegetables (Let me know if I left something out 😂 )
      • Venus flytraps also do not eat human fingers or pencils.  Trap movement requires a lot of energy and therefor each trap have a limited lifespan for opening and closing - usually 1-3 times.  Triggering the traps manually, waste their energy and the trap will die off


      • Do not fertilise your plant and only use sphagnum-peat based plant soil, which is low in minerals. Compost, coco peat, palm peat and regular garden variety potting soil contains salts and minerals that will kill your plant
      • We recommend repotting venus flytraps yearly, into fresh carnivorous plant soil, at the end of winter dormancy


      • Venus flytraps are sun-loving temperate plants which means they grow actively during summertime, and die back to a dormant rhizome (underground stem) during the winter months when the daylight period is shorter
      • Please note that images mostly represent mature plants in full summer growth cultivated in optimal conditions
        • Plants will appear smaller, and traps close slower during and a couple of weeks after the dormancy period in the colder months of the year (Usually May to October)


      • This is a lot to digest, but following this guide we trust that your venus fly trap will thrive in your care.  Below is a quick reference guide on growing a happy and healthy venus flytrap

        Quick Care Card Dionaea Muscipula / Venus Flytrap



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        Very pleased

        Excellent service! After sales also great. Thankz for all the dilligent care instructions. Awesome.

        Love it :-)

        Very cool looking cultivar!

        DC XL

        Arrived in Excellent condition and growing well!


        Excellent specimen, healthy plant with lots of new growth already! I'm thrilled with my purchase - thank you!

        Amazing growth. DDC XL

        Its said to be one of the hardest but this beauty survived hail storms, super hot days and even winter. I love these little monsters.... now lets buy some seeds and join the next step!.. cant wait..

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