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SUNDEW: Drosera Spatulata (The Spoonleaf Sundew)

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  • Species: Drosera
  • Also known as the spoonleaf sundew, Drosera spatulata is a small rosetted sundew that grows to about 2-3 cm in diameter
  • Grown in bright light, each spoonlike leaf is covered with red, sticky hairs for catching prey
  • Drosera spatulata often spread from their roots, with baby plants emerging from their base
  • These plants produces long flower stalks with delicate white or pink flowers
  • Easy to grow and highly recommended for beginner carnivorous plant enthusiasts
  • Whether you prefer starting off with a younger plant and watch it grow into full majestic glory over the years or jumping in with more munch, right from the get go, we've got you covered!  Cultivo is all about choices and our plants are available in various sizes and options to suit your every need.  These are medium to near-flowering size plants with very fragile roots and do not transplant well.  For this reason they will be sent already potted in our deluxe carnivorous plant soil. Simply unwrap, water and enjoy! 
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    Carnivorous sundews * Packaging and Shipping procedure * How will you receive your plant?

    HomescreenAll Drosera - Shop by Category - Cultivo Carnivores
        • These plants should be grown in partial to full-sun and kept damp all year
        • They can also be grown outside in most areas, but should be protected during the hot summer months and from freezing temperatures
          • They also do well on sunny windowsills or in a terrarium
          • Plants grown in lower light levels will appear greener while bright light will have them colour up to a vivid red
        • Drosera Spatulata prefers distilled or reverse osmosis water to limit humic acid build-up on the crown of the plant
        • Flowering requires a lot of energy and might cause your plant to lose it's dew
          • Cut flower stalks when they emerge for a healthier, dewy plant

            Quick Reference Care Card Drosera / Sundew

            HomescreenAll Drosera - Shop by Category - Cultivo Carnivores

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