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GYO TOUCH-ME-NOT's: The COMPLETE seed starter pack

  • R150.00 ZAR

** Online Exclusive **

Ready for a challenge?

Grab your adventure boots and try your hand at growing your very own sensitive plants from seed with Cultivo's COMPLETE grow-your-own SEED STARTER PACKS 


  • We are proud to present another member in our range of COMPLETE SEED STARTER PACKS for other exotics
  • A fantastic gift idea and perfect for beginners, this tailored starter pack includes everything you'll need to grow your very own dancing plants from seed - Just add water!
  • It is important to note that growing sensitive plants from seed is aimed at the adventure grower and a lot of patience is required - Sensitive plants need approximately 2-6 weeks in optimal conditions to germinate and it may well take approximately 2-3 years to raise them from seed to maturity (flowering size)
  • This seed starter kit includes:
    • a complete growing container,
    • premixed germination soil for your new seeds and
    • a full instruction leaflet
  • PLUS
    • 1 seed-packet containing a minimum of 10 sensitive plant seeds, harvested within the last growing season
    • Seeds offered in this GYO pack will be that of Mimosa Pudica unless otherwise mentioned

Having fun?

We have a variety of kits available in our GROW-YOUR-OWN range


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