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EARLY ACCESS > Nepenthes mollis (N. hurrelliana) (Borneo) AW * 01 * 6-8cm (bareroot)
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EARLY ACCESS > Nepenthes mollis (N. hurrelliana) (Borneo) AW * 01 * 6-8cm (bareroot)

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  • Special import from Wistuba - exotic plants
  • Clone:  01
  • Growing conditions:  Highland
Seller description 
  • Nepenthes mollis, formerly known as Nepenthes hurrelliana, is a real feast for the eyes.  Originally discovered on Mount Lumarku, this species is possibly  of hybridogenic origin. It normally grows as an epiphyte at an altitude of 1300 to 2600 metres, although it also occurs terrestrially
  • Although initially thought to be a variety of Nepenthes veitchii, Nepenthes mollis has several features that distinguish it from other species of the genus. It is best known for its tall, slender, spreading peristome, which has contrasting stripes of yellow and brown. Both the pitchers and the leaves are covered with a reddish-brown indumentum that also includes the upper side of the lamellae - a feature that few other Nepenthes have
  • The body of the pitchers is usually light green/yellow and strongly marked by brown speckles. The upper pitchers are usually lighter in colour but still have spots, especially on the top of the pitchers
  • Growing guidelines:
     Bright, indirect light. This species develops a dark purple colouring if it gets too much light.
    Temperature: Normal medium temperatures.
    Growing medium: A very well-drained and airy mixture. A Sphagnum mix with a high percentage of perlite or horticultural grade bark or an inorganic mix of kanuma, akadama and lava rock will work well.
    Additional growing notes: This species does NOT like to stand wet for long periods and is susceptible to rot.

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