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RARE! SUNPITCHER: Heliamphora sp. Minor 💎 Various sizes

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As a native to the moutaintops of Venezuela, Heliamphora thrives in bright artificial to partial sunlight and mild daytime temperatures (18°C to 25°C).  We recommend growing these under strong fluorescent lights with stable conditions or at the very least - VERY bright light on a windowsill. This will help your plant grow those beautiful spoons that ornate their pitchers and colours will be more intense under strong artificial lighting. Overall, Heliamphora is a hardy plant, though it grows very, very slowly, which probably contributes to its mystique. If you're a patient experienced grower, you will certainly enjoy growing a heliamphora. We highly recommend doing some research on the specific needs of heliamphora prior to ordering - these are well established plants available either as singles or small clumps with 2-3 plants

Specific notes on the H. Minor species
Though Heliamphora is generally regarded as a plant for the experienced grower, this is one of the easiest pure species to grow. Adult specimens will produce pitchers around 10cm tall. The pitchers have a distinct flare with a red margin and reddish hue in the upper interior. Cool water and bright light (while still managing cool to mild temperatures) are the main factors in growing them successfully   

Upon receiving, unpack your plant carefully and select a growing area with very bright light. Top water your plant, with a small film of water in a tray and never let your plant dry out. Protect from frost.  Frequent cool water misting during the hottest part of summer will be beneficial to your plant's growth


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RARE! SUNPITCHER: Heliamphora sp. Minor 💎 Various sizes

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