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SEEDS: Nepenthes (Singalana x ventricosa) x (Talangensis x ventricosa EP) * ENDS 28.03 for sale | Buy carnivorous plants and seeds online @ South Africa's leading online plant nursery, Cultivo Carnivores

SEEDS: Nepenthes (Singalana x ventricosa) x (Talangensis x ventricosa EP) * ENDS 28.03

  • R163.00 ZAR

TROPICAL PITCHER PLANTS: Grow your own carnivorous plants from seed


    • SEEDS: Tropical pitcher plant > 
      • In order to guarantee fresh seeds, our Nepenthes seed in the store will only be available for a limited time period since the original listing
      • Available until 28 March 2020, only while stocks last


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        • Even with proper storage, seeds will inevitably age as the embryos wither.  This aging process decreases the number of viable seeds or rate of germination, this is especially true in the case of seeds from tropical pitcher plants
        • In order to give you the best possible chance at successful germination, we only sell fresh seeds, harvested within the last few weeks
        • The seeds we sell are either imported from trusted sellers (including reputable nurseries and private growers) or are harvested from our own plants
        • These nepenthes seeds are produced via carefully controlled hand-pollination
        • With so many imitations online, all our seeds are genuine carnivorous plant seeds - We guarantee it
        • Starting and nurturing your very own carnivorous plant jungle can be extremely rewarding and we regularly conduct random germination tests on the seed available for purchase
        • Growing carnivorous plants from seed requires a lot of patience
          • Under optimal conditions, tropical pitcher plant seed usually germinate within 4-12 weeks and may take many years to reach maturity
          • It is highly recommended to do some research on specific needs prior to placing your seed order, as like with any plant you will grow from seed, we can never absolutely and conclusively guarantee germination
        • As this process is mostly a waiting game, it is recommended for the adventure carnivorous plant enthusiast looking for a challenge on the next level 

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          • Our instructional reference guide includes complete sowing instructions for both temperate- and non-temperate carnivorous plants (a link to this reference will be sent via e-mail on completion of your order)
          • Tropical pitcher plant seed do not need any kind of stratification to induce germination, and it is advisable to sow them as soon as possible for the best germination rate  
          • There are hundreds of carnivorous plant species, cultivars and varieties around the globe. The internet has some great resources and we highly recommend doing some research on the growing conditions required for each species.  Studying this information, prior to your purchase, would be in your favour
          • Conditions differ and as with any other plant you will ever grow from seed, a range of factors may affect germination.  Naturally, we can never absolutely guarantee germination, but we can guarantee one of the most important factors with regards to germination rate:  FRESH SEEDS!
            • When available the harvest date will be recorded on the seed packet

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        As these products contain organic elements - seeds, seed starter packs and growing media are available to South African customers only

            • Seeds only:
              • Seeds are exclusively sold via our online store
              • Parcels are sent as a bubble wrapped small parcel to minimise damage from handlers
              • We offer various shipping methods for seeds - seed parcels are sent via courier to your door or delivered to PEP stores and Postnet branches nationwide
              • Still wanted to add more seeds to the existing order? No Problem.  Providing the parcel has not left our premises yet, we can combine various seed orders for you at no additional cost - just ask
              • Shipping rates for seed-only parcels start from R100 and will be calculated at checkout
              • Seed kits:
                • Don't know where to start?
                • Why not order a tropical pitcher plant seed kit to get you started
                  • This tailored starter pack is exclusively available via our online store and is sold separately
                  • The seed kit contains all the supplies you will need to get you started - Simply sow your seeds as per the instruction leaflet, add clean water, warmth, light and a touch of patience, and you are all set

          Order your corresponding seed starter pack


            • Not too phased about species, hybrids and individual characteristics?  We have a mixed set of intermediate tropical pitcher plant seeds available in our range of complete GROW-YOUR-OWN-KITS. Great for beginners!

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