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Sundew: Drosera Capensis Rubra (Seedgrown)

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  • Species: Drosera
  • This variety of the Capensis (octopus plant) is a truly remarkable plant, growing dark red tentacles and produce dark pink flowers
    • Each tentacle has a small droplet of glistening mucilage. Insects become stuck to the tentacles and are then digested by the plant
  • To maintain this level of redness, you will need to grow this plant in extremely bright light in a protected area outdoors or strong artificial lighting
  • Cape Sundews are easy growers and highly recommended for beginner carnivorous plant enthusiasts
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        • Cape Sundews do not require a dormancy period and will grow throughout the year 
        • Unlike most of the other Cape Sundews - this variety prefers bright and warm conditions
          • In fall and winter, the red cape sundew variety will lose some of its redness, but will colour up again in spring and summer when light levels are stronger
        • Flowering requires a lot of energy and might cause your plant to lose it's dew - Cut flower stalks when they emerge for a healthier, dewy plant

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            HomescreenAll Drosera - Shop by Category - Cultivo Carnivores

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