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SEEDS: Non-Carnivorous > The Dancing Plant (Telegraph Plant)

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 The Dancing Plant is also known as the Telegraph Plant

  • This peculiar shrub - botanically known as Codariocalyx Motorius - is native to Asia, and has sparked the interests of botanists and others alike
  • The leaflets move in set elliptical patterns to help deduce the position of the sun to appropriately expend energy, moving the larger leaves where fitting
  • The most intriguing thing about this plant is that it moves when stimulated by sound. Touching the plants will not cause them to move, as the Sensitive Plant does
  • When exposed to sound, particularly high pitch (high frequency) sound waves, the plant’s leaflets and leaves move in a peculiar fashion
  • The leaves move dramatically enough, and quick enough, to be reasonably observed by the human eye (time lapse photography or videos can show its movements even more so)


  Video Credit:  Pitan Singhasaneh


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