Looking for a super unique wedding gift for your guests, build a monstrous bug-munching jungle or want to start selling your own carnivorous plants?

 Quality plants and customer service are our main priorities and we are committed in helping you grow your business.  Our discount value packs & wholesale offers are designed for resellers or nurseries who would like to sell our plants at a retail markup.  The more you buy, the less you pay

Buy in bulk and save * Discount value packs * Carnivorous plants for wholesale

Private consultations and site visits are the perfect way to go deep with your new business.  Our carnivorous plant expert has over 15 years growing-experience and will guide you (and your staff) on any improvements you can make to maintain your bug-munching plants and to grow your carnivorous plant business - Request a quote

Looking for that something ultra-unique for your next event?  From a keynote speaker at your local garden show to a fun-filled birthday party, our info sessions, master classes and practical workshops are lead by our very own carnivorous plant expert and can be crafted to suit your current need

For available dates and bookings please get in touch with us admin@cultivocarnivores.com


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