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โญย Unique and ultra-exclusive, buy now from South Africa's firstย online carnivorous plant boutique โžธ We offer local hand deliveries & ship orders 5 days a week
โญ Feast your eyes on our magnificent carnivorous plant display and shop a hand-selected range beginner- and connoisseur plants, in-store-only exclusives, soil & distilled water from our partners atย Strawberry pot nursery in Centurion

South Africa's largest selection live carnivorous plants right at your fingertips!

HUNGRY and GORGEOUS!Whether you are a newbie looking to care for your very first venus fly trap, or expandingย your existing carnivorous plant collection with that ultra-rare cultivar, we are confident that you'll find something in our wonderful world of carnivores, that'll catch your eye

At Cultivo, WE GROW AND SELL a monstrous variety of only the best quality LIVE CARNIVOROUS PLANTS and ship orders daily across SOUTH AFRICA and beyond

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"The most exclusive carnivorous plant shop on the African continent"
- Albert du Plessisย 

We specialise in the RARE & EXOTICS of the carnivorous plant world. We mainly focus on known (google-able๐Ÿ˜œ) cultivars, varieties and plants with location data not found in traditional stores

Your local 1-STOP online carnivorous plant shop

We also offer a complete range easy-growing carnivorous plants for beginner hobbyists, indoor- and outdoor plants, top quality growing supplies such as live sphagnum moss, premixed carnivorous plant soil, pots, planters, Grow-your-own seed starter kits and an extensive carnivorous plant seed catalogue

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Cultivo is more than a shop...It's an experience

  • WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED!ย  We are passionate about carni's and we'll teach you everything you need to know on how to grow these magnificent plants in our South African climate.ย  Being private collectors ourselves, we offer first-hand expert advice and host practical workshops, demonstrations and events throughout the year, suitable for all ages

We grow we sell we teach all things carnivorous

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Come check out the largest selection carnivorous plants under one roof! Full plant display > View our hungry plants in gorgeous colours and pick up some in-store-only exclusives @ Strawberry potย 

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