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The Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato * Paperback 2nd Edition 🔥 BESTSELLER!!

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 The gift that lasts a lifetime!!

You can't go wrong with The Savage Garden written by the owner of California Carnivores - Peter D'Amato.  In carnivorous plant world, The savage garden is considered the carnivorous plant Bible with loads of information, high resolution images and experienced advice

Just about everyone's familiar with the Venus flytrap...but did you know that there are pitcher plants that can (and DO!!) digest an entire rat? Or that there are several hundred species of carnivorous plants on our planet? Full-color photographs of the plants at work and play, plus everything you need to know to successfully grow your own Little Shop of Horrors

This new edition is fully revised to include the latest developments and discoveries in the carnivorous plant world, making it the most accurate and up to date book of its kind

For fifteen years, The Savage Garden has been the number one bestselling resource for those interested in growing carnivorous plants - we cannot recommend this book highly enough

Full Colour Paperback, 2nd Edition

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Most enjoyable and informative

Was impressed to even find a section on terrariums .

Pauline Roux
The Savage Garden

Thank you For the quick delivery. The book has been quite helpful,would definitely recommend this book to any one starting out or even those who just need some extra info.

Elsie Bekker
Great book

If you love Carnies, you'll love this book. Detailed information on all the different species. Though expensive it's worth the money. Highly recommended

Ryan Capazorio
What a great experience

My son was interested in getting a carnivorous plant. I came across Cultivo Carnivores and I’m so glad I did. I made an appointment to see them. What an amazing time. Therese was so helpful she didn’t just sell a product she imparted knowledge and passion to not only me but to my son. I would highly recommend taking the time to meet with them. Thank you for what you guys did. We will definitely be back.

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