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LONG FIBER SPHAGNUM MOSS: Besgrow Spagmoss, New Zealand * Premium grade squares

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  • Spagmoss is the gold standard when it comes to long fiber sphagnum moss products.  Produced by Besgrow, Spagmoss is a branded product from New Zealand made from cleaned, chopped, dried and compressed sphagnum moss and contains very little debris
    • It makes a light, fluffy moss - a perfect acidic medium either alone or as an ingredient for carnivorous plants and orchids
    • It is weed-seed free and the packaging does not affect the structure of the moss. Very clean and super quick to rehydrate, Spagmoss makes potting and repotting quick and easy, allowing the moss to settle around the roots
    • We have used Spagmoss on its own for windowsill and greenhouse condition plants - in particular to repot tropical pitcher plants, cephalotus, sun pitchers, cobra lilies, venus flytraps, sundews , tropical butterworts and epiphytic bladderworts with excellent results. Additionally we use it in our carnivorous plant seedstarter kits and pre-mixed carnivorous plant soil for Darlingtonia, Heliamphora, Drosera and Nepenthes
    • Long fiber sphagnum moss is used as an ingredient in many of our carnivorous plant PROmixes and will be an excellent medium for starting out your seeds - helping create a light open mix with excellent water retaining properties
    • If you are an orchid grower this is well worth trying and is very popular with orchid growers around the world. For Sun Pitchers and Cobra Lilies on the carnivore side and Disa orchids and other moisture loving orchids mix with equal quantities of perlite
    • Our Spagmoss is sold in super compressed squares and the packages are still small so it is easy to send larger quantities via PUDO, Postnet or the courier option. If kept dry it will keep for years
    • To prepare - Add the contents of the bag to a clean bowl, add the desired amount of distilled or reverse osmosis water and leave it for a few minutes to expand its full volume.  Each square will produce enough moss to fill a standard 10x10cm plant pot
    • The Premium Spagmoss we offer is imported and prepared for our store by a third party, we are therefor limited to individual packets and do not stock large quantities for wholesale purposes 

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