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"There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments"

~ Janet Kilburn Phillips

  • Regular garden variety potting soil and compost are not suitable for carnivorous plants as the mineral and salt content will burn the roots and kill off your plant quite quickly
  • Carnivorous plants have adapted to growing in nutrient-poor soils.  Terrestrial plants in particular are often rich in peat and sand, which is the reason why these ingredients often form the foundation for most of the carnivorous plant soil blends we offer
  • These soil blends are professionally mixed with the perfect ingredients, focussing on every carnivorous plant species' water retention and drainage needs
  • We are so confident in the quality and efficacy of these PROmixes that we use it for our own plants too
  • In order to maintain healthy and vigorous plants, we recommend repotting your carnivorous plants, into fresh soil, every 1 - 2 years at the end of winter dormancy
  • Soil, seeds and planters (dry goods) are suitable for delivery to PUDO lockers nationwide at a rate of only R70.00. Please get in touch with us prior to placing your order
  • Be sure to check out our custom containers & repotting service if the mere thought of repotting your plants, gives you the chills

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