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SERVICES: Custom Containers & Repotting service

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Do you have a carnivorous plant that desperately needs repotting?

At Cultivo we are passionate about plants and will repot your carnivorous plants into new pots and fresh growing media

All you need to do is drop off your plants at the Strawberry pot in Centurion and collect them again a couple days after


  • We are pleased to provide you with window box planters, pots, mini bogs, and other containers planted to your specifications


  • Custom Containers:
    • For our custom container service we charge the cost of the plant pot or container, plants and the appropriate growing media
    • We’re happy to help you choose appropriate plants for your containers with regards to light, drainage and other growing requirements
    • These plants will be arranged in an appropriate container with the correct growing media for the species and varieties you are growing
  • Repotting:
    • For simple repotting your plant we will quote you on the cost of a new plant pot if none is provided, plus the appropriate growing media sold via our online store
    • Repotting into a larger planter can be done throughout the year but may need a couple of days or weeks to acclimatise if done during their active growing season (summertime for flytraps and trumpet pitcher plants). We recommend doing splitting and divisions during winter dormancy (up to mid-September) for plants to settle in quicker and just wake up during springtime in new soil, without much disturbance
  • A R30 handling fee will be added to your invoice. As we do not charge for time and/or labour we respectfully ask to book an appointment with us to drop off your plants at our partners at Strawberry pot so that we can arrange with a dedicated staff member to take receipt of your precious plant
  • For standard repotting into a larger pot or planter, your plants will be ready for collection within 24-36 hours, custom containers and mini bogs will take a week or 2 to settle in depending on the season
  • Once your containers are planted you will be notified via whatsapp or email. We are happy to hold and maintain these containers for up to one week after this notification. If containers are left at the nursery for longer than one week after they are ready for collection, a R20.00 per day maintenance fee will be added to the original cost of potting

Should you want to have your plants delivered within a 50km radius, we offer a hand-delivery service at a rate of R195 per order - please enquire 

Should you have any questions about how to maintain your
pots or planter boxes after they have been planted, be sure to give us a shout

For more info or to book an appointment get in touch via the contact form below or contact us directly via Whatsapp 0646289497 or email:

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