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FAQ: I'm not a fan of online shopping, may we visit the nursery in person instead?

  • Yes, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with making purchases via the world wide web, therefor we offer visits-by-appointment, with point of sale purchases, on selected Saturdays during summertime

Ok, but Cultivo is an online store. Why Saturday visits?

  • Too often, we hear the words: I once had a flytrap ....and it died
  • Most carnivorous plants are perennials, which means that they should (at the very least) bring you joy much longer than the current growing season.  We would love to debunk the general myth that these remarkable plants are difficult to grow
  • We believe that, with the correct guidelines, anyone and everyone can grow carnivorous plants - and soon you will too.  There are more carnivorous plant species than you may know of, and (in most cases) very, many different varieties of each.  Most species will thrive in a sunny spot, clean water and a friendly greeting each morning - no fancy greenhouses, expensive grow lights or home made jungles required
  • We specialise in carnivorous plants and grow (and sell) a humongous selection of all-things-carnivorous.  Should you be locked on choice or new to the carnivorous plant world, we would love to spend some time with you, show you around and tell you a bit more about them
  • Being collectors, we grow a diverse range of carnivorous plant species ourselves and during summertime, we usually have a couple of examples of different plant species on display, so that we can guide you on growing them in our South African climate

 Awesome! Which Saturdays?

  • As most of the plants (venus flytraps, trumpet pitchers and temperate sundews) are dormant during wintertime, they display best during the active growing season
  • Depending on the weather, summertime for Saturday visits usually means some time in October through April. Specific dates will be confirmed closer to the time
  • Having full time careers, we decide on selected Saturdays for visits to suit individual customer demand - therefor it is essential to book your appointment during weekdays
  • The online store is of course open 24/7, year round and we offer a range of payment- and shipping options if you are not collecting from us

Great! When Saturdays?

  • We are open for visits on these selected Saturdays, from October to April, between 08h00 and 15h00, in hourly time slots
  • Join the holiday spirit with festive holiday hours: 08h00 until 18h00  (Extended hours applies to all Saturdays during December 2020)

Got it! How much does it cost?

  • There is no charge for visits, we just ask to book an appointment so that we can provide you with individual attention in a dedicated time slot 

Fabulous! How do I book an appointment for a Saturday visit?

    • Saturday visits are held only on individual customer demand and only by prior arrangement 
    • Therefor, appointments for these visits are to be booked at least one day in advance (Monday to Friday)
    • Contact us via the contact form below or Whatsapp 064 628 9497, so that we can check available time slots, book a suitable time for you and send you the directions
    • We are based in Centurion (Pretoria)

    Marvelous! What can I expect during my visit?

        • Keep in mind that Cultivo is not a walk-in retail nursery but an (internet-based) mail-order company managed from our private residence, thus you will be visiting us at our home
        • Besides plants, we also love animals and you will likely be greeted by our 2 (over-friendly) pawed kids.  Kindly inform us prior to your visit if you are not comfortable with dogs, so that we can make alternative arrangements
        • As previously mentioned, we grow an extensive range of carnivorous plant species ourselves and for visits, we usually have a few examples of various plant species on display, so that we can provide you with advice and guidelines on growing them in our South African climate

        I'm Hooked! What if I want to purchase something during my visit?

        • We usually set up a small 'retail section' for these Saturday visits with a range of hand-selected potted plants and planted gifts, from which you will be able to choose from for purchase during your visit
        • The selection ranges from a couple of easy-to-grow carnivorous plant species we would recommended for beginners, to a handful of collector items aimed at the deadpan carni-collectors and master growers
        • This retail section offers only a variety of potted live plants for the day and does not offer the full range of products listed on the online store
        • The various categories on the website will give you a general idea with regards to the various plant species and varieties, as well as the sizes and their price-range, we have on offer (MENU > LIVE PLANTS)
          • Should you be interested in any seeds, carnivorous plant soil or a specific plant, we suggest placing your order online (Monday to Friday), and choose the free shipping option (collect from premises) at checkout, so that we can get everything ready for you
          • Payments:
            • Kindly note that, for security reasons, we do not accept cash payments 
            • For purchases during your visit we
              • can arrange for an EFT afterwards (with no additional fees), and we
              • also have a card machine available at our premises
                • (Note that the card option will add 7% to the total of your order to cover transaction costs and processing fees charged by the payment provider and bank)

          Sorted! Do I need to bring anything else? 

          • At the time of your appointment, we will keep a lookout for you, alternatively just give us a missed call or hoot at the gate when you arrive 
          • Most of our clients are respectable drivers that wear seat belts (it's the rest of the world that is not 😂) for two-wheeled turns and those unforeseen, sudden stops 
            • We do not regularly stock trays and boxes.  Vehicle cup holders work well for single plants (mom-in-law as a passenger too) however, for larger orders please consider bringing along a box or container so that we can securely pack your plants, ensuring a safe journey home

          COLLECTIONS OF ONLINE ORDERS during Saturday visits:

          • Kindly place your order online on a week dag, and make arrangements for collection following the process in the "Shipping & Collection" e-mail, the address will be sent to you on confirmation of your order
          • Should you intend to stay for a visit when collecting on a Saturday, kindly inform us beforehand so that we can book a dedicated time slot for you

            Retail section with selected carnivorous plants at Cultivo Carnivores, South Africa


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