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Instructions: Seed Primer - Smoke Water Disc

Seeds of many plants are dormant and require specific conditions for germination. This improved seed primer disc contains a range of natural substances which have been found to overcome dormancy and stimulate seed germination in a wide range of species. 

The degree of response varies with the species but on average, treated seed samples give at least double the number of seedlings when compared to untreated samples

Generally the disc is soaked in water to create 'smoke water'. This simulates the natural conditions of the first rains after the winters' bushfires which promote germination


  • Recommended dosage - use one disc for every 100 seeds
  • As required, place one paper disc in a container (eg. a cup)
  • Add 50ml water to the container to wash the primer from the paper
  • Soak the seeds for 24hours in this primer solution
  • Remove the seed and sow in seed trays or pots


  • For best results keep the packet sealed and store in a cool, dry place (below 20°C)
  • For extra long life store in the refrigerator at 4°C until used
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