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The complete range carnivorous plant species right at your fingertips!

  • We specialise in carnivorous plants and grow and sell venus fly traps, trumpet pitchers, sundews, bladderworts, butterworts, tropical pitchers, rainbow plants, albany pitcher plants, waterwheel plants, purple pitchers, parrot pitchers, cobra lilies, sun pitchers & sundews in a variety not often found locally or offered in traditional stores
  • Prices range according to species and cultivar, size (age) and whether you prefer a bare root or potted plant
  • Paid orders are typically processed within 24 hours - we offer a hand-delivery service, a self-collect option and ship orders 5 days per week from as little as R112 per order

The Cultivo promise

  • ℹ️As plants are a product of nature, slight variation may occur.  Images are depictive and are mostly of mature plants to highlight individual characteristics as per the description. Cultivo is all about choice and you will receive a similar plant in the size of your choosing which may not be the exact plant pictured


ℹ️Our live carnivorous plants section is categorised by species.  Click on an category image below for the different varieties and cultivars of each

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