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The Carnivorous Plant Resource site is jam-packed with need (and want) to know carni-information - A wonderful introduction to the different carnivorous plant species and perfect for beginners. Don't miss out on this one below


Carnivorous plant resource


Undoubtedly the most comprehensive carnivorous plant resource is The Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato from California Carnivores.  For 15 years, this book as been the number one bestselling plant Bible for those interested in growing carnivorous plants.  Fantastic for beginners, perfect as a gift, awesome (never-ending) bed time reading for everyone else

The Savage Garden * Cultivating carnivorous plants by Peter D'Amato


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Check out The Interactive Nepenthes guide by Tom's Carnivores.  From temperatures to altitudes, this is an excellent tool for those wanting to replicate conditions tropical pitchers experience in their natural habitat
The interactive nepenthes guide by Tom's carnivores 


Sarracenia Northwest has some very comprehensive care guides. Check it out below

Sarracenia Northwest  

We are BIG fans of Brad's Greenhouse - view his fantastic youtube channel below

Brad's greenhouse - Youtube channel


If you're into carnivorous plants this documentary is a MUST WATCH...ENJOY!

Watch the world's BEST carnivorous plant documentary EVER!!!! 

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