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Cultivo's International Customers

    • Cultivo Carnivores is a dedicated carnivorous plant nursery based in South Africa.  International customers refer to all buyers outside the borders of South Africa
    • We export to most countries providing the relevant documentation is in order
    • Most of our international customers are aware of the import and export laws across the globe and as processing international shipments requires a few extra steps, we no longer offer this service as a standard ordering option via our online store
    • A phytosanitary certificate is a legal document issued by the National plant health authority after inspection, which certifies that the plants and seeds were examined prior to export and shown to be free of insects and disease
    • South African customs regulations require a phytosanitary certificate or written declaration form to accompany all international shipments containing plant material - This pertains to ALL plant material or any part thereof, be it rooted plants, in vitro, non-acclimatised plants, tissue cultures, soil, moss or seeds
    • For most carnivorous plant genera, you as the importer will need an import permit specifying the botanical names and physical form of those items you wish to import
    • The need for this permit depends on the product and differs for each country.  Only a few items and some countries are exempt from this rule and your national agricultural department should be able to verify all the requirements
    • In the event that no import permit is required for your country or the relevant product, an officially stamped declaration form is still required for us to apply for the certificate
    • In order for us to apply for all the relevant documents, we will need a species-specific plant import permit in the importer (or company name) along with a detailed list for those items you wish to order
    • To apply for a plant import permit - click here to search for the IPPC contact details for your country 
    • Your order should include your contact details (name, full delivery address and daytime contact number) plus a detailed list of the items you wish to order (quantity and full botanical name of each species) = ie. 50 x Drosera Capensis loc Bains kloof (sundew)
    • All plants are prepared for export following our regulations and are sent bareroot (not potted)
    • Upon confirmation of the items on your order, the first step is for us to obtain a phytosanitary certificate which will eventually need to accompany your shipment, for customs clearance
    • You can email us at with your order and a copy of your import permit.  Also attach any other supporting documents as this will speed up the process
    • The export of live plant material requires extensive pest control measures as well as inspections by the relevant authorities.  For this reason we allow for longer processing time of international orders when compared to our usual order processing, locally
    • Unfortunately the inspection process is completely beyond our control - as per our regular international orders, the estimated processing time is between 4-12 weeks (sometimes sooner) from receiving your order to delivery
    • In our experience, booking and then waiting for the inspection is the longest part of the process.  Once we obtain the phytosanitary certificate, orders ship within maximum 14 days
    • As stated above, a phytosanitary certificate and/or written declaration is mandatory for customs clearance, and no plant- or seed parcels will be accepted by the shipping carrier without it
    • The cost of the certificate is R600.  By estimation this amount converts to around 35€ depending on the exchange rate at the time
    • Due to the perishable nature of plant material we rely solely on delivery by DHL Express.  In our experience, DHL Express has the fastest shipping time on international parcels from South Africa and we no longer make use of the South African post office service or EMS
    • International shipping fees via DHL are €120 for the first 1kg.  Quoted rates are dependent on shipping weight (volumetric size of the parcel).  We will be able to give you a more accurate estimate on confirmation of your order
    • All the items on our website are listed in South African Rand (ZAR). Prices will be converted to Euro (€) on the day you order and we accept Paypal as well as card transactions (from most countries) via our online payment gateway as payment for your order.  We do not accept Western Union or COD
    • A processing fee (7% of the total value of your order) will apply to either of these payment methods to cover costs
    • We not charge taxes or handling fees on your order and depending on your country's regulations, import duties and taxes may be payable on your end
    • As per Cultivo's refund and cancellations policy - we consider orders via email as a valid purchase order.  You may still make changes to your order up until you complete payment
    • Payment is due once we confirm the booking for inspection and you will be invoiced accordingly
    • Once payment is made, we no longer accept changes and cancelling your order at this late time will result in forfeiture of the full order amount and/or monies already paid
    • For any further clarification on the international ordering process do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form on our website or send us an email directly at to discuss your order in more detail
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