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Shipping details for International Customers

Shipping information related to International sales
  • International customers refer to all buyers outside the borders of South Africa

    • Due to changes in customs regulations we no longer offer international shipping of seeds or plants as a standard shipping option
    • According to the South African customs regulations, phytosanitary certificates are required for both live plants and seeds on our side, as well as (in most cases) import permits from the destination country
    • The phytosanitary certificate certifies that the plants and seeds were examined and shown to be free of insects and disease
    • The export of live plant material requires extensive pest control measures as well as inspections by the relevant authorities and therefor result in lengthy processing time of orders (approximately 6-12 weeks)
      • Exporting plant material is quite costly due to export document fees, phytosanitary certificates and due to the perishable nature of live plants, international courier delivery which in most cases will be upwards of 90 dependent on the shipping weight
      • A phytosanitary certificate is mandatory for international courier deliveries, and no plant- or seed parcels will be accepted by the carrier without it
      • The cost of the certificate is dependent on the exchange rate but is estimated at between 30€ - 35
      • The items on our website is listed in South African Rand (ZAR). Prices will be converted to Euro () on the day you order and we accept Paypal as well as online card transactions as payment for your order.  There is no handling fee or taxes added but note that a 7% processing fee applies to either of these payment methods to cover costs
      • Note that depending on your country's regulations, import duties and taxes may be payable on your end
    • OH NO! NOW WHAT?
      • Luckily, not all is lost. Most of our international customers are aware of the import and export laws across the globe
      • Should you already be in possession of the applicable import permits and want us to review your case on an individual basis, send us an e-mail at to discuss

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