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Bug-munching mini's Sarracenia with ID * Trumpet pitchers and other carnivorous plants for sale @ Cultivo Carnivores, South Africa

BUG-MUNCHING MINI's for Connoisseurs ๐Ÿ’Ž TRUMPET PITCHERS with ID (Cultivo Exclusive)

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  • R185.00

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They're cute...They're adorable...They're irresistible...They're collectable....

now with ID's...cultivar names...location data...the works!

The long wait is over!

  • Inย light of the popularity of our first Bug-munching mini range (singles by species) we are finally ready to launch the long anticipated second phase.ย  As promised, we will be rolling out the Bug-munching MINI's for connoisseurs range over the next couple of weeks....ID's...cultivars...location data...the works!

The boutique mystiqueย 

  • As always, carni connoisseurs and collectors are at the heart of Cultivo.ย  We aim to offer you species, varieties and cultivars not available in this Cultivo exclusive form, anywhere else, therefor it is worth noting that many plants in the connoisseur range may be limited to only a handful items each - First come, first serve...available only while current stocks last!
  • Due to the diversity on offer, it will be impossible for us to provide specific instructions for every single species and variety available in this range.ย  Some plants may need special conditions and doing some research prior to ordering will be in your favour.ย  These are well-established, 1-2 year old starter plants with known identity, potted in 2cm mini pots
  • KEY: SG = Seed grown

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Customer Reviews

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Leonie Viljoen
Looks like a fairy forest

I love my miniโ€™s!
They look like a fairy forest

Illonรฉ Cordier-Anderson
Very cute and exciting to see her grow

Special Hybride so looking forward to her growing up ๐Ÿ˜

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