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RARE! COLLECTORS ITEM ๐ŸŒŸ Pinguicula Moranensis loc Chichicastenango, Guatemala #134 * Flowering size > Exact plant pictured

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Due to import restrictions, mexican butterworts are rare amongst collectors in South Africa.ย  We are pleased to offer you a select few from those still around, these are considered once off deals and only available while stocks last


  • Giant variety mexican butterwort species with location dataย 
  • This is a high end, flowering size collectors item and you will receive the exact plant pictured - Note that butterworts have very shallow roots and are therefor sent bareroot, packed and protected to minimise damage


  • Grow butterworts in partial sun or very bright filtered light and keep the soil only damp to the touch, year round
  • Great for beginners, mexican butterworts are easy to grow and fantastic candidates for a sunny windowsill or protected area outdoors with moderate to bright light
  • To prevent rot, pinguicula prefers a loose, open soil with a good balance between water retention and drainage.ย  We use our Butterwort PROmix for all our mexican butterworts, with excellent results

Winter dormancy

  • During the autumn and winter months, butterworts die back significantly to a tight rosette with tiny non-carnivorous leaves, making them appear much smaller than listed
  • Larger growth (sizes as indicated) in the form of new summer leaves are expected during late spring
  • Should you be unfamiliar with this plant species, head over to our FAQ section for more information on what to expect when ordering from us during the colder months >>ย Temperate plants and winter dormancy:ย  What to expect


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