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SPECIAL IMPORT 🌟 Heliamphora (Heterodoxa x Ionasi) x Exappendiculata Araopan ex Wistuba 📏 22-25cm

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  • Special import from Wistuba - exotic plants
  • Clone:  Individual clone from seeds - individual seedling (ISC)
  • Growing conditions:  Highland
  • This is a specimen plant and you will receive the exact plant pictured - images of mature plants and pitchers are for display purposes only and are supplied by ©Wistuba - All rights are reserved
Seller description 
  • Our selected clone of Heliamphora heterodoxa x ionasi is characterized by its extraordinary vigor and robustness. I know plants that spend the summer in bog beds or simply without protection on the balcony or terrace. Even under such sub-optimal conditions the plants reach an impressive size
  • This robustness is, in my experience, well inherited and I expect that Heliamphora (heterodoxa x ionasi) x exappendiculata Araopan is also an exceptionally easy cross suitable for beginners

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