• Get ready for some wild plant parenting!

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  • The venus flytrap is the most widely recognised carnivorous plant -ย They are fascinating to watch while a trap quickly snaps shut when its trigger hairs are stimulated and are fully functional even when babies
  • Beware of cheap imitations online - venus flytraps will already present with tiny traps as soon as after cotelydon stage (Also, images of blue and/or rainbow coloured venus flytraps are a figment of imagination (or just colour adjusted images) and do not exist
  • Seeds offered in this catalogue are fresh seeds, harvested within the last two growing seasons and have been tested on germination to give you the best possible chance for tiny snappy babies
  • Under optimal conditions, venus fly trap seed usually germinate within 4-8 weeks and may take approximately 5 years to reach maturity, so grab your adventure boots and grow your very own Dionaea Muscipula flytraps from seed
  • Our venus flytrap seeds are produced via self-pollination. Although seed grown venus fly traps may inherit some characteristics from parent plants, it is important to note that the seedlings will not be exact clones of their parents. For this reason seedlings / plants should be labeled for eg. DCXL x DCXL
  • Please note: Due to a range of factors we can not guarantee germination, but we can guarantee fresh seeds - When available the harvest date will be recorded on the seed packet