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POTS & PLANTERS: Hanging Bowls * Various Sizes * Green / White

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Patio plant hanging bowl with matching hanger (Plant not included)

  • Made from durable plastic and available in an array of colours, these hanging bowls are ideal for trailing plants such as tropical pitcher plants, keeping the pitchers hanging freely and off the ground which may cause a pitcher to rot
  • These bowls are also great if you have a sunny window with a couple of hours morning sun, showing off your prized collection in a hanging basket, freeing up space on the windowsill (💡for yet more carnivorous plants😹) 
  • At Cultivo we use these for nepenthes and other trailing plants  
  • After a couple of years the soil gets depleted and it is advised to repot your plant into fresh soil at this time - when your plant does not look so happy anymore
  • Repotting also helps with aeration of the roots, breathing new life into your plant
  • Need some fresh growing media to repot your tropical pitcher plant into? 
    • Stop by our highly popular carnivorous plant soil section on your way to the checkout counter
    • All of our deluxe premixes are now in stock and it is not hard to believe why they are still topping our list for bestselling products for 5 consecutive years! 


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