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PEST CONTROL: Bioneem - Neem Oil (Organic Insecticide)


Size: 250ml


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Biogrow Bioneem

Active Ingredients:

Azadirachtin 1.5g/l 

Bioneem is an organic emulsifiable concentrate used as an insecticide to control various insects including mites, aphids, fruit flies, american bollworms, snout beetles and coddling moths.  Neem oil is a natural oil extracted from the neem tree and the active ingredient acts not only as an insect repellent and anti-feedant but also a growth regulator.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Safe to use on most of the common carnivorous plant species 
  • Highly effective organic insecticide and great for control and preventative measure of aphids and mites
  • Have been tested (at 10l/ℓ) and proven to be effective in the treatment of aphids on dionaea (venus flytraps), drosera (sundews), sarracenia (american- and purple pitchers) as well as mites on nepenthes (tropical pitcher plants 


  • 250ml

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