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BLADDERWORT: Utricularia Sandersonii

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  • Utricularia Sandersonii is perhaps the most easily identifiable terrestrial bladderwort when in flower
  • Its charming little white flowers resemble clusters of white rabbits suspended in midair
  • Bladderworts uses tiny traps underneath the soil to catch and digest microscopic organisms for nutrition
  • Even though the carnivorous magic happens below the soil level, utricularia are usually grown for the tiny orchid-like flowers 


    Carnivorous plant category: All Bladderworts for sale



      • Sold in 2cm pots (plug size)
      • If shipped, bladderworts are sent already potted - Packed and protected to minimise damage
      • Note that these plants may not be in flower at the time of purchase


    Carnivorous plant category: All Bladderworts for sale



      • Great for carnivorous plant bogs, terrestrial bladderworts can also be repotted on its own into our PROmix for bladderworts or shredded, moist long fiber sphagnum moss
      • In optimal conditions, the plant plug will spread to fill the container over the next couple of months
      • Grow terrestrial bladderworts in semi-shade or sheltered location with very bright light
      • Using the tray method, keep your plant standing in a tray with 0.5-1cm water (Rainwater, distilled- or reverse osmosis water preferred)
      • Top watering is fine too, keep your plant moist at all times - never let the soil dry completely
      • Utricularia Sandersonii usually flowers during the warmer months of spring and summer - Enjoy them, flowering does not affect growth such as in the case of venus flytraps and sundews, thus bladderworts can be left to flower


    Carnivorous plant category: All Bladderworts for sale

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