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BLADDERWORT: Utricularia Sandersonii

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  • Utricularia Sandersonii is perhaps the most easily identifiable terrestrial bladderwort when in flower
  • Its charming little white flowers resemble clusters of white rabbits suspended in midair
  • Bladderworts uses tiny traps underneath the soil to catch and digest microscopic organisms for nutrition
  • Even though the carnivorous magic happens below the soil level, utricularia are usually grown for the tiny orchid-like flowers 


    Carnivorous plant category: All Bladderworts for sale



      • Sold in 2cm pots (plug size)
      • If shipped, bladderworts are sent already potted - Packed and protected to minimise damage
      • Note that these plants may not be in flower at the time of purchase


    Carnivorous plant category: All Bladderworts for sale



      • Great for carnivorous plant bogs, terrestrial bladderworts can also be repotted on its own into our PROmix for bladderworts or shredded, moist long fiber sphagnum moss
      • In optimal conditions, the plant plug will spread to fill the container over the next couple of months
      • Grow terrestrial bladderworts in semi-shade or sheltered location with very bright light
      • Using the tray method, keep your plant standing in a tray with 0.5-1cm water (Rainwater, distilled- or reverse osmosis water preferred)
      • Top watering is fine too, keep your plant moist at all times - never let the soil dry completely
      • Utricularia Sandersonii usually flowers during the warmer months of spring and summer - Enjoy them, flowering does not affect growth such as in the case of venus flytraps and sundews, thus bladderworts can be left to flower


    Carnivorous plant category: All Bladderworts for sale

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      Catherine van der bank
      Super Excited

      First time buying from cultivo and the whole process went so smoothly. Plants arrived in beautiful condition. First time trying Utricularia Sandersonii, so very excited to see progress of this very healthy and happy little baby

      Albert du Plessis

      Received my plant in record time and exactly as described. Professional service and great communication from beginning to end. Thank you

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