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VENUS FLYTRAPS (Dionaea Muscipula)

  • A venus fly trap is a carnivorous plant which means that it feeds on insects and is classed as a plant predator
  • Venus fly traps are native to small coastal areas of North- and South Carolina in the USA
  • The venus fly trap is best known for its ability to trap and digest flies, muggies, other insects and slugs.Β  During the growing season each plant grows 4-7 leaves from the growth point just above the soil level - these are modified leaves that develop a traps at the end.Β  Each trap is lined with 3-5 trigger hairs that snaps shut when touched.Β  The trap is fused on one end and acts like jaws trapping its prey inside and digesting the insect by means of enzymes
  • In a nutshell, venus flytraps are outdoor, summer growing plants that require 6+ hours direct sunlight, mineral free water and nutrient deficient soil. Ideal temperatures during the growing season (October to April) is 25-30degrees and slightly shaded for the hottest part of the day during heatwaves. During the wintermonths they die back to a dormant bulb with tiny inactive traps and regrow as the days get longer around September to October
  • Available from our online store in various sizes, a bareroot or potted option and an array of colours - growing season is coming to an end and venus flytraps will be available as clean, dormant winterbulbs until end September. Some early access plants are starting to show spring growth while they catch up with the seasons - see individual listings for current availability
  • Bite-size info:
    • 🏑 Suitable for: Outdoor growing (full sun)
    • 🌱Mature size: 10-15cm
    • πŸ“… Growing season: October to April
    • πŸ†Recommended for: All levels carnivorous plant enthusiasts
    • 🏬 Full range available online with in-store shopping at Strawberry pot (selected varieties)

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