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VENUS FLYTRAPS (Dionaea Muscipula)

  • A venus fly trap is a carnivorous plant which means that it feeds on insects and is classed as a plant predator
  • Venus fly traps are native to small coastal areas of North- and South Carolina in the USA
  • The venus fly trap is best known for its ability to trap and digest flies, muggies, other insects and slugs.Β  During the growing season each plant grows 4-7 leaves from the growth point just above the soil level - these are modified leaves that develop a traps at the end.Β  Each trap is lined with 3-5 trigger hairs that snaps shut when touched.Β  The trap is fused on one end and acts like jaws trapping its prey inside and digesting the insect by means of enzymes
  • Available from our online store in various sizes, a bareroot or potted option and an array of colours - growing season is fast approaching and winter bulbs will be phasing out over the next couple of weeks
  • Bite-size info:
    • 🏑 Suitable for: Outdoor growing (full sun)
    • 🌱Mature size: 10-15cm
    • πŸ“… Growing season: October to April
    • πŸ†Recommended for: All levels carnivorous plant enthusiasts
    • 🏬 Full range available online with in-store shopping at Strawberry pot (selected varieties)

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