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RARE! ALBANY PITCHER PLANT:  Diflora’s giant * Cephalotus Follicularis Big boy x Coal mine beach > Exact plants pictured

RARE! ALBANY PITCHER PLANT: Diflora’s giant * Cephalotus Follicularis Big boy x Coal mine beach > Exact plants pictured

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  • Many growers regard Cephalotus Follicularis, also known as the Australian pitcher plant, as the crown jewel of their collection
  • This fascinating plant is extremely slow growing and produces two types of leaves - non-carnivorous leaves are produced during springtime followed by the toothy-peristome pitchers that resembles a boxing glove in summer
  • As a native to a small stretch of coast in Western Australia, it can be grown outdoors in very mild regions of South Africa throughout the year, we recommend a sunny windowsill with 4-6 hours direct sunlight at the very least
  • Albany pitcher plants prefer fairly stable conditions and can be quite finicky - we recommend these for the more experienced carnivorous plant enthusiast
  • In this limited offer, you'll receive one of the exact plants pictured:  a single, young-adult plant with spring leaves and at least 3 semi-mature pitchers, potted in a 7cm pot


    • Collecting your plant from us:  
      • You’ll receive a well established plant already potted. Cephalotus in general is a slow grower, hates root disturbance and will not outgrow the container any time soon
      • Sent via courier:  
        • Cephalotus might sulk for a couple of months after climate changes and disturbance
        • For our shipping clients, plants will be sent already potted - Packed and protected to minimise damage


        • Growing Cephalotus:
          • Cephalotus generally grows very slowly and can be a bit temperamental
          • They are excellent candidates for windowsill growing with a couple of hours morning sun. If grown outside, they can tolerate high daytime temperatures (up to 35°C) as long as they experience cool nights
          • Be careful about disturbing and/or overheating the roots (Repotting is not recommended)
          • Proper drainage is very important: Water via the soil and let the water run through, try not to get the leaves/pitchers wet. Ensure proper ventilation to deter powdery mildew
          • If watering via the tray method, let the tray dry slightly between waterings to prevent root rot - keep the soil only damp to the touch
          • Although this plant is technically a warm temperate perennial (requires a short winter dormancy), it adapts well to indoor/windowsill growing. In winter, cool house temperatures of 15°-20°C and short daylight hours are enough to give this plant a short winter rest
          • Due to their finicky nature, Cephalotus Follicularis is recommended for the more experienced cp grower


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