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Nepenthes | Buy carnivorous plants & seeds online @ Cultivo Carnivores
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TROPICAL PITCHER PLANT: Cultivo's mixed Nepenthes (Cultivo Exclusive)

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Consider this one a lucky packet!!

  • For those carni fans that aren't fussy about fancy labels, we have a couple of plants available without specific name tags (NOIDs).  These tropical pitcher plants have all been hand selected and adapts easily to our South African climate
  • These unlabeled plants are mostly hybrids produced from cuttings, tissue culture or 3+ year old, seed grown starter plants from our own greenhouse
  • Cultivo's mixed nepenthes is a colourful mix of vigorous growers and includes (but limited to) parentage from Nepenthes Alata, Talangensis, Ventricosa, Spectabilis, Burkei, xRokko, Hirsuta, Maxima, Thorelli, Spathulata and Boschiana.  These could be species or hybrids but no specific ID
  • Highly recommended for beginner carnivorous plant enthusiasts 
  • Similar to other carnivorous plants, nepenthes grow in a special type of soil low in nutrients and instead collect their nitrogen in hanging, slippery vase-shaped cups that include its own digestive juice
  • Tropical pitcher plants entice both flying and crawling insects with an intoxicating fragrance, bright colour and sweet nectar
  • Perfect for a sheltered spot outdoors or sunny windowsill with bright diffused light
  • Whether you prefer starting off with a younger plant and watch it grow into full majestic glory over the years or jumping in with more munch, right from the get go, we've got you covered!  Cultivo is all about choices and our plants are available in various sizes and options to suit your every want and need.  Plants are measured across (Leafspan = leaf tip to leaf tip, without tendrils and pitchers) and are sold either bareroot or already potted in our deluxe carnivorous plant soil, ready for action during the upcoming growing season 
  • Winter dormancy:
    • During the autumn and winter months, growth in tropical pitcher plants slows considerably and pitchers will die off
    • Active growth in the form of new leaves and development of pitchers (sizes as indicated) are expected during spring and summer
    • Should you be unfamiliar with this plant species, head over to our FAQ section for more information on what to expect when ordering from us during the colder months >> Carnivorous plants and winter dormancy:  What to expect


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      Tropical pitcher plants:  How will you receive your plant?


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            In Nepenthes world, the shape and colours of pitchers and leaves are determined by the characteristics of the various species

            Pitcher sizes are also highly variable across species and may not be present at the time of shipment, therefor we measure the actual size of the plant to determine the size of the plants we offer

            Tropical pitcher plants are measured across the leafspan (from leaf tip to leaf tip of the largest two leaves, not including the tendrils and pitchers) as seen in the image below

            Nepenthes sizes we offer are determined by the leafspan


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                • Special considerations and growing conditions:
                  • Requires Intermediate conditions 
                  • Easy beginner plant - Adapts well to a wide range of South African conditions
                  • Great for bright windowsills or protected porch with morning sun  
                  • Bright filtered light and a humidity level of > 30% will be ideal


                  Nepenthes quick care guide


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                        Customer Reviews

                        Based on 9 reviews
                        Jacques Jansen van Rensburg
                        Brillaint plants

                        Thanks. All.growing well!!!

                        Johan Klopper
                        Great service, great plants

                        The people was really helpful with my first purchase from them. They provided great care cards with the plants. They were also willing to send photos of the specific plants. They really helped me understand how to care for my first carnis. Would for sure purchase from them again.


                        Dear little plant. Arrived safely and undamaged. Very well packed. Appreciated hand written instructions on first arrival care and positioning. I will be interested to see how big it grows!

                        Baby Driver

                        My little (well not so little) corno neenyo came in great condition, definition and packaging - I am very impressed - Cultivo Carnivores takes great pride in their plants and work - would definitely recommend to any carno lover!

                        JEANNE HARDY

                        very happy with my new creatures

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