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SUNDEW: Drosera Binata var. dichotoma T-form (Forkleaf Sundew)

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  • Species: Drosera
  • Drosera Binata, originating from Australia, grows long stems with forked (V-shaped) leaves that turn vivid red under adequate sunlight
    • These leaves give Drosera Binata the nickname - the fork-leaved sundew 
  • Binata var. dichotoma T-form is a small red sundew which usually develops 2 points per leaf
  • The small red T-Form of D. Binata generally grows to around 10-20cm tall, and their leaves are covered in small, bright red tentacles
    • Each tentacle is topped with glistening, sticky mucilage. Insects become stuck to the tentacles and are then digested by the plant
  • Whether you prefer starting off with a younger plant and watch it grow into full majestic glory over the years or jumping in with more munch, right from the get go, we've got you covered!  Cultivo is all about choices and our plants are available in various sizes and options to suit your every need.  These are medium to near-flowering size plants, sold either bareroot or already potted in our deluxe carnivorous plant soil to take the hassle out of repotting. Simply unwrap, water and enjoy! 
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    Carnivorous sundews * Packaging and Shipping procedure * How will you receive your plant?

    HomescreenAll Drosera - Shop by Category - Cultivo Carnivores
    • Cut dead foliage for a neater plant
    • Flowering requires a lot of energy and might cause your plant to lose it's dew - Cut flower stalks when they emerge for a healthier, dewy plant
    • Drosera Binata will enter dormancy during winter (cooler temperatures and a shorter daylight period)
    • During the dormancy period the plant will die back to a single winter bud and new growth will emerge late spring to early summer (around October-November)
    • While dormant - water your plant less frequently (keep the growing media only damp) to prevent root rot 

    Quick Reference Care Card Drosera / Sundew

    HomescreenAll Drosera - Shop by Category - Cultivo Carnivores

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    Customer Reviews

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    Perfect Condition Sundew!

    Originally bought a sundew from them and decided to buy 2 other plants as well! Some of them are doing great and i would definitely recommend buying from them again!

    Binata sundew

    Thank you. They are doing wonderfully well. The one is twice the size that it was when i got them!

    cultivo carnivores

    excellent service as per usual. thanks.

    JC Gresse

    Drosera binata (small t-form type )

    Great looking plant, already catching bugs.

    Great buy!

    A beautiful, tall sundew that I got recently. Even though it's asleep, it's still pretty to look at, and I spotted new growth earlier today :D can't wait to see the new leaves, for now though, even when dormant it's a wonderful addition to my collection! Verified Reviews Badge
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