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RARE! LIVE SPHAGNUM MOSS: Species Capillifolium CC#A51 💎 Cultivo Exclusive


1 portion incl: 5 live moss growth points (heads)

5 live moss growth points (heads)

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    • Listing is for one sample portion live moss to get you started on your own live sphagnum moss culture
    • 1 portion includes 5 live moss growth points (heads) - See sample size reference above
      • For aesthetic reasons live sphagnum moss is perfect as a colourful topdressing and are often used as growing medium for nepenthes, sun pitchers, cobra lilies, sundews, some orchids and other bog and wetland plants
      • Sphagnum moss is generally slow growing and easily distinguished from other mosses by its habit of growth, its soft thick fullness (each head resembling a full and elaborate bloom of edelweiss), and is available in various colours - mostly variations of green, brown or red
      • Moss is not dependent on soil water and as it is laden throughout with water retaining cells, it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere 
      • Live sphagnum moss has lots of anti-fungal properties and once you have a steady culture growing, add portions as a topdressing on tropical pitcher plants, heliamphora, darlingtonia or tall growing sundews
      • Sphagnum moss can be planted in your bog area around your fish pond, added to a waterfall area to filter out the water or add it to your biological filter and watch it grow
      • Live sphagnum moss thrives in humid environments and would also be and excellent companion in a terrarium or vivarium with carnivorous plants or amphibians
        Sample Size

        Live sphagnum moss for sale | Buy online at

        Please note that this image is intended for size reference only and depending on species, actual colours may differ 

        Growing tips
        • Tips on growing your own live sphagnum moss culture:
          • Sphagnum thrives in a cool humid environment with lots of diffused, bright light 
          • In our experience, red sphagnum moss in particular prefers warm, humid days with a nightly temperature drop of 10-15 degrees. New heads will start out dark red-green and the red colour will improve and intensify within a couple of months
          • Give it high humidity. Works well on sunny windowsills in a covered plastic food container - add some ventilation holes to the lid or sides
          • Use a container with drainage holes and add a layer of gravel, leca clay or washed gravel to the the bottom for drainage
          • Moisten and sterilise the growing substrate. We prefer using shredded long fiber sphagnum moss mixed with perlite for drainage as the substrate, but sphagnum peat moss will work too
          • You'll receive a watertight container (see below) with 5 live moss growth points / head (also known as coma) - bury the moss slightly with the top of the growth point still visible
          • Flood it with distilled water once a week
          • Using distilled or reverse osmosis water, top mist the moss every couple of days - extreme clean water is key
          • Most live sphagnum moss species prefer cooler temperatures and might start to brown if too hot and wet, or present with dried (white) growing tips (heads) if too dry
          • For fluffy moss, do not keep it in standing water
          • By request we now offer a separate option with a moss regrow kit