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TRUMPET PITCHER: Sarracenia Leucophylla, Mostly Red & White Tops

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Windows of light

  • Species:  Sarracenia
  • Sarracenia Leucophylla, also known as the crimson pitcher plant, purple trumpet leaf or white pitcher plant, is a carnivorous plant in the genus Sarracenia, native to North America
  • These plants are highly variable with respect to its height, with some pitchers reaching almost 1 metre in length.  Leucophylla is slightly slower to wake up from winter dormancy and put up quite a colourful show during summer throughout autumn
  • In nature sarracenia leucophylla frequently grows with other species of Sarracenia, and it is quite common to find hybrids
  • We currently have various non-specific clones and hybrids of Sarracenia Leucophylla available.  With some reddish, and others leaning towards the greenish side, we are confident that any one of these will make a colourful addition to your container- or carnivorous plant collection
  • American trumpet pitcher plants are easy to grow if their basic needs (sun and water) are met - Generally, plants in the sarracenia family prefer a sunny position outdoors for strong growth and are excellent candidates for beginner carnivorous plant enthusiasts
  • Whether you prefer starting off with a younger plant and watch it grow into full majestic glory over the years or jumping in with more munch, right from the get go, we've got you covered!  Cultivo is all about choices and our plants are available in various options to suit your every need.  These are 3 year old (Pitchers 5-10cm) to Flowering size plants, sold either bareroot or already potted in our deluxe carnivorous plant soil, ready for action during the upcoming growing season 
  • Winter dormancy:
    • During the autumn and winter months, trumpet pitcher plants are sold as dormant rhizomes with cut pitchers
    • New summer pitchers (in sizes indicated) are expected during springtime
    • Should you be unfamiliar with this plant species, head over to our FAQ section for more information on what to expect when ordering from us during the colder months >> Temperate plants and winter dormancy:  What to expect   


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Trumpet pitcher plants * Packaging and Shipping procedure * How will you receive your plant?


All Sarracenia - Shop by Category - Cultivo Carnivores



  • Generally, plants in the trumpet pitcher plant family will thrive outdoors.  Grow your plant in a sunny spot, year round, for strong growth and ultimate colouration.  Protect your plant during hail and heavy rainstorms as strong winds may knock plants over and damage pitchers
  • In Gauteng, we recommend growing trumpet pitchers in full sun (or at the very least) 6 hours morning sun.  Note that during summertime soil may become very hot and plants may overheat during heatwaves.  During these spells, protect your plant from the harsh afternoon sun


  • Trumpet pitcher plants are native to wetland areas, for this reason soil are to be kept moist all the time. Top-watering is fine too, but avoid filling the pitchers with water as the weight may cause pitchers to break from the main stem
  • Low-mineral water is highly recommended and we use distilled- or reverse osmosis water, when rainwater is scarce
  • Fluctuate the water level to air the roots by letting the tray dry in between waterings, but never let the plant itself dry out completely


  • Carnivorous plants are self-sufficient hunters and have adapted to catch and digest their own food.  Trumpet pitchers are plants, therefor their growing energy is derived from the sun via photosynthesis (Your plant will not die due to starvation)
  • During the growing season they will lure, catch and digest their own insects which acts as a type of fertiliser. Never feed your pitcher plant hamburger meat, viennas, biltong, braaivleis, milk or vegetables (Let me know if I left something out 😂 )


  • Do not fertilise your plant and only use sphagnum-peat based plant soil, which is low in minerals. Compost, coco peat, palm peat and regular garden variety potting soil contain salts and minerals that will kill your plant
  • We recommend repotting trumpet pitchers yearly, into fresh carnivorous plant soil, at the end of winter dormancy


  • Trumpet pitcher plants are sun-loving temperate plants which means they grow actively during summertime, and die back significantly during the winter months when the daylight period is shorter
  • Please note that in order to display individual characteristics, images mostly represent mature plants in full summer growth cultivated in optimal conditions
    • During winter dormancy pitchers usually die off partially (halfway) or in some cases entirely.  Plants will appear smaller and present with dry (dying) pitchers during and a couple of weeks after the dormancy period in the colder months of the year (Usually May to October)
    • New growth will sprout during springtime, once your plant has settled into its new environment 


  • This is a lot to digest, but following this guide we trust that your plant will thrive in your care.  Below is a quick reference guide on growing a happy and healthy trumpet pitcher plant

    How to care for your trumpet pitcher plant


        All Sarracenia - Shop by Category - Cultivo Carnivores



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            Very happy Cultivo Carnivores customer - Sarracenia Leucophylla

            Just received a number of plants from Cultivo Carnivores that were packed to fly down to PE. The plants were packed so well and meticulously that each one arrived at its new home in perfect condition. Each plant is in pristine condition. The seller is the most passionate plant grower/supplier that I have ever had the privilege of dealing with. Thank you! Now it is up to me to take good care of the precious "carni kids". This is not the first lot of plants and I look forward to growing my collection further with more plants from you in the future!!!!

            Sarracenia Leucophylla

            Happy to receive a strong, healthy and colourful plant!

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