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FAQ @ Cultivo Carnivores: Placing an online order | Physical Address
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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • We often receive queries with regards to placing orders as well as providing a precious carni-kid with the best optimal care.¬† For easy reference, answers to all of these and more are available in the FAQ section below
  • With so much conflicting information available on the internet (especially with regards to cultivation), it is easy to get overwhelmed¬†
  • The cultivation questions in this FAQ section have been answered to the best of our knowledge and many answers are based on previous personal experiences only
  • Should you want to add some insight, additional comments or even have another question yourself, please¬†let us know¬†- yours may provide an answer to a question another carni-fan may have too


    Where are you based?
    • Cultivo Carnivores is an internet-based specialist plant nursery located in Centurion and all of our sales are managed via the online store
    • Not a fan of online shopping? Good news! ¬†We stock a complete range beginner-friendly carnivorous plants, grow-your-own seed kits and premixed carnivorous plant soil in a dedicated section at the Strawberry pot nursery for walk-in customers
    • The Strawberry pot is situated on the way to Mall@Reds at 202 Hendrik Verwoerd drive in Wierdapark, Centurion
    What are your business hours?
    • Cultivo is an internet-based specialist plant nursery with a dedicated retail section at the Strawberry pot garden center in Centurion.¬† The best time to reach us is during our business hours:
    • Walk-in customers and collection of online orders from Strawberry pot nursery
    • We process orders for collection within 1-2 days. We will notify you once your order is ready and you may collect it from the nursery at your convenience:
    • Monday to Saturday 08h00 - 17h00
    • Sundays 09h00 - 15h00
    • Special hours apply to public holidays
    • Personal meet-ups for help, advice or just to say hello
    • We stock a complete range, beginner-friendly carnivorous plant species, pre-mixed carnivorous plant soil, grow-your-own kits and distilled water at The Strawberry pot nursery for walk-in clients
    • We (Team Cultivo) are available for face to face meetings, help with repotting and advice on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 9am and 3pm by prior arrangement
    • Contact us below to schedule a meeting¬†


      • Note, that cell reception in our area is generally very poor and phone calls are not always possible.¬† Messages to our¬†Whatsapp¬†number 064 628 9497 and emails are always welcome and we will respond as soon as possible
      • In order to keep clear records, we prefer communication via Whatsapp or e-mail.¬† ¬†For any assistance, order queries or more information on any of the products we sell, kindly contact us via the contact us section below or e-mail us directly at and we will get back to you as soon as possible


      Where to buy our plants
      • Cultivo Carnivores is an online-only store. Our website serves as a complete catalogue - pics, prices and all. Select your plant, choose the size, select bareroot or potted, add to cart then checkout. Complete your purchase in a few easy clicks and have your favourite carnivore sent straight to your door
      • Buy via the SHOP tab on our facebook page: Cultivo Carnivores - carnivorous plants
      • We also have selected plants for sale at the Strawberry pot nursery for walk-in customers. The Strawberry pot is situated on the way to Mall@Reds at 202 Hendrik Verwoerd drive in Wierdapark, Centurion and is open 7 days per week - Get directions
      How do I order online? Complete tutorial
      • Cultivo Carnivores is an internet-based, carnivorous plant nursery managed from Centurion. Our website serves as a complete catalogue and all of our sales are managed via our online store
      • For your convenience, we offer 2 methods for placing an order with us:
        • Shop online and have your favourite carnivore sent straight to your door and settling into it's new home before you can say SNAP!
        • For those not comfortable with online shopping, we also stock a complete range of beginner friendly carnivorous plant species at the Strawberry pot nursery in Wierdapark, Centurion for walk-in clients
        • Additionally,¬†we regularly attend events and host open days and practical workshops with point of sale purchases - READ MORE on these here
      • According to our feedback reports, most of our clients find the online store convenient and easy to use; however, if you are new to the online shopping experience, we have a complete tutorial below on how to place your order via our online store

        The HOME Page

        • Our web store is optimised for desktop- as well as smart phone users.¬† We will use a smart phone for this tutorial
        • The HOME screen has some inviting welcome notes and colourful featured categories on display, however, the real magic happens behind the main MENU and sub-menu tabs
          • Our online store consist of a main MENU with various sub-menus which are categorised into Live plant categories (species and varieties), plant seed, related growing supplies, gifts and other awesome resources such as care information, books to purchase and recommended web sources
            • The full list of categories (sub-menus) can be found behind the main MENU tab on the¬†HOME¬†page
          The main menu is located in the top left corner of the home screen
          • For this example we will place an order for a mean-looking venus flytrap.¬† From the¬†Home screen, locate the MENU tab, then tap the drop down sub-menu in the Live plants category and scroll down to view the different species, in this case:¬† Venus Flytraps (Dionaea Muscipula) - Yes, the botanical name is a mouthfulūüėČ
          Select the live plant category by clicking on the downward arrow


          Species are listed behind the menu > live plants tab
            • In the Live Plants > Venus Flytrap CATEGORY we have different venus flytrap¬†VARIETIES on offer (each variety has it's own unique characteristics, for example some flytraps have more menacing teeth, jagged teeth, long teeth, jaws teeth, giants varieties, redder, greener, bigger, get the idea)
          In this category we will find different venus flytrap varieties
            • Click on the product image (in this case the VENUS FLYTRAP: Mixed Giants image) to enter the¬†PRODUCT PAGE

          The Product Page

            • Each plant product page includes the price, sizes currently available, an option for potted or bareroot plants and representative images of the selected product
            • Plant images are always of our own plants - please note that images represent plants in full summer growth in optimal conditions and will not display their full potential during and a couple of weeks after winter dormancy (Read more on what to expect during winter dormancy)
            • In the product listing, you will find the options mentioned above as well as tabs for
              • a product description,
              • information on how you will receive your plant and
              • a quick care guide
            • Hmmm, looks good....¬† Let's add one of these to the shopping basket
          Ready? Let's do some online shopping
            • To place an order for this plant, use the drop-down menu in the product page to first select the plant size (Only sizes currently in stock will be available)
          Click the downward arrow to select the plant size
          • Next, we need to know how you would like to receive your plant.¬† Unless otherwise stated plants are available as either potted or bareroot for those who wish to use their own carnivorous plant soil - more details can be found in the Bareroot vs Potted tab
          How would you like to receive your plant - potted or bareroot?
            • Once you have selected the size and option, add your selection to the shopping basket by clicking¬†Add to shopping cart

          Add your selection to the shopping cart

            • From here you can either continue browsing or proceed to a summary of the items in your shopping cart by clicking on 'View cart' or the shopping cart icon
          View the items in your shopping cart
            • Review the items in your cart and proceed to the checkout page¬†
          Review the items in your cart and continue to checkout 

          Completing the Checkout Process

            • At the first¬†checkout¬†page - enter your address and contact details
              • You will still need to enter a full address even if you intend to collect your order from The Strawberry Pot instead of having it sent
              • Also, enter the name of your nearest Postnet branch
              • For parcels sent via the courier, a full street address will be required, we can not courier plants to PO Box addresses
            Enter your account details and shipping information
            • After you have entered your account details and shipping address, continue to the shipping and delivery method
            Continue for collection details and shipping options
            Shipping Methods
              • Use the radio button to select the preferred shipping method for your order
              • For each order we offer shipping via Postnet or courier.¬† Fees are calculated according to the size (volumetric weight) of the parcel and will display accordingly
              • If you intend to get your order sent via Postnet, please ensure that you have entered the nearest¬†PostNet branch¬†on your account to avoid any delays
              • A customer collect option is also available at a minimal fee for those who wish to collect their orders instead.¬† Once processed, orders are usually ready for collection within a couple of days from the Strawberry pot nursery in Centurion¬†
              Select your shipping option - Postnet courier or collect

                • Once you have selected the shipping method, scroll down to¬†Continue to payment method
                Continue to payment method to complete your order

                Payment Methods

                • In this section, use the radio button to select your preferred payment method
                    • Payfast is an independent 3rd party payment provider we primarily use to facilitate instant payments and online card transactions
                    • If you select the online payment option via Payfast you will automatically be redirected to complete your payment
                    • We prefer direct EFT's (pay and clear) as it is the cheapest option for us both - Choose the Electronic funds transfer (DIRECT EFT) option for our banking details
                    • Pay and clear is recommended. Secure your order by completing DIRECT EFT's within 72 hours¬†
                    • Note that orders¬†are only released once payment reflects in our bank account
                  Use the radio button to select the payment method
                  • Once you have selected the payment method, scroll down to Complete order¬†
                  Complete your order as confirmation
                  • Tap the complete order button to confirm and an order confirmation e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address
                  • That's it! You're done!
                  One moment while we confirm your order
                  The 'Thank You' Page
                  • The Thank You ....(name) page serves as confirmation that we have received your order
                  • Take note of your order number for future correspondence and if you will be collecting your order from the nursery
                  The thank you page serves as confirmation of your order
                  Communication and order progress updates
                  • We believe in clear communication, so keep an eye on your e-mail inbox as we will send you updates while your order makes it's way to¬†you
                  • Once we receive your order, you will receive an e-mail as confirmation.¬† We will now review the items in your order, and as soon as all the products are confirmed we will send you a second e-mail with Shipping and Collection details, followed by a third email when your order is complete and either ready for collection at Strawberry pot or picked up by the courier or Postnet for delivery
                  • While we are processing your order, the order status page is updated with new information in real time.¬† For any information on your current order status, collection details and/or tracking number, scroll down to any of the progress update emails and click view your order
                  order status
                    • We send orders every day of the week - for full details and pricing on the various shipping options please visit our¬†Shipping Guidelines
                    • We aim to make your visit to our online plant nursery as easy and pleasurable as possible.¬† If you have any suggestions on how we can improve your shopping experience, why not send us an¬†e-mail, we'd love to you hear from you!
                    I'm not a fan of online shopping, may we visit the nursery in person instead?
                    • The internet can be a strange place and we understand that not everyone is comfortable with making purchases via the world wide web
                    • Cultivo¬†is online-only store based in Gauteng.¬† This allows us to have a larger inventory than traditional stores and to focus 100% of our attention on providing you with a superior online shopping experience.¬† The online store is open 24/7, year round, and we send and deliver orders 5 days per week
                    • We do not have any physical store locations, however, we do stock selected plants from our webstore in a dedicated section at the Strawberry pot nursery for walk-in customers
                    • For viewing, we offer a full plant display at Strawberry pot and the selection for retail includes (but not limited to) a range of beginner-friendly plant species, carnivorous plants soil, grow-your-own seed kits and distilled water
                    • The Strawberry pot nursery is located at 202 Hendrik Verwoerd Drive, Centurion and is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 3pm on Sundays and public holidays.¬† Online orders may also be collected from the nursery at your convenience.¬† Most plants are available year round (even in winterbulb form), while some are season dependent, call ahead to confirm availability 012 653 5068
                                  Do you have plants for sale that is not listed on the website?
                                  • At Cultivo we focus on the rare, weird and wonderful.¬† We love experimenting and being collectors, we also grow a diverse range of carnivorous plant species, varieties and cultivars ourselves
                                  • Our cross-hairs are aimed at the ultimate plant connoisseur and many of the plants we sell are either imported, seed-grown or produced by our own tissue culture program - thereby offering you a unique opportunity to grow your existing collection with those carnivorous plant species and cultivars that you may not find locally
                                  • Generally, all of our sales are managed via the online store which is updated with stock levels in real time¬†- if it is listed as ' In stock ' on the store, it is available for purchase
                                  • Most of the rare plants we offer is extremely limited and sold out means...sold out¬†
                                  • We keep a close eye on those handpicked cream of crop carni's and besides regularly relisting some fan favourites, we also often add brand new plants and products to the store¬†
                                  • From time to time we also make some additional collector plants from the personal collection available for sale - These scarce species and rare cultivars are usually only available in limited quantities and may sell out fast, thus be sure not to miss out on an opportunity as they are only available while stocks last
                                  • Don't miss out on South Africa's most exciting carnivorous plant venture yet! Our team has spent the last couple of months searching high and low for those rare plants on your wish lists. Check out Pre-orders @ Cultivo for more information

                                  SHIPPING & COLLECTIONS

                                  Which shipping methods do you offer?

                                    We make use of 3rd party couriers and ship orders from R100, nationwide, 5 days a week

                                  • For South African Customers, we offer a:
                                    • Local pickup / collection service¬†from The Strawberry Pot nursery in Centurion
                                    • a Courier to your door service¬†to have your parcel delivered to a physical address¬†¬†
                                    • PostNet 2 PostNet¬†where the parcel will have to be collected from your preferred Postnet branch
                                    • We also offer a hand delivery service within a 50km radius¬†

                                      International Customers:

                                        How do I know which Postnet branch is closest to my address?
                                        • Click on this link to open the Postnet store locator
                                        • Enter your street address on the left and tap ENTER
                                        • This will show you a list of the branches nearest to you
                                        • To avoid any delays, please enter the name of the branch you would like to collect from when you place your order. Note that only the branch (store) name is required at the checkout section
                                          I stay close to Pretoria, may I collect my order?
                                          • Yes, we offer a 'shipping method' at the checkout section for collections
                                          • Paid orders are usually ready for collection within 1-2 days
                                          • Orders may be collected from The Strawberry pot nursery in Wierdapark, Centurion
                                          • For any queries send us a¬†Whatsapp message @ 064 628 9497, or¬†e-mail¬†us for more information¬†
                                          When will my order be shipped?
                                          • We make use of 3rd party couriers.¬† Paid orders are processed immediately and shipped within 1-7 days
                                              • Delivery time is estimated between 1 and 4 business days. We have no control over actual delivery times as each courier branch uses their own delivery schedule, kindly ensure you provide us with the correct address and contact person's details to take receipt of your parcel if you are unavailable
                                              • View our¬†shipping guidelines¬†for a full explanation on shipping methods, costs involved and guidelines on tracking your parcel
                                              • If you cannot locate your tracking number or need help tracking your parcel please¬†let us know
                                                    I live in a remote area and is worried about having my order shipped. What happens if my plants are dead on arrival?
                                                    • Did you know we have an ARRIVE ALIVE policy?
                                                      • At Cultivo we are very focussed on plant quality and extremely meticulous about packing and shipping of live plants
                                                      • Due to the variable delivery times of the Post Office we only send live plants via the Courier or Postnet
                                                      • Depending on where you reside, your parcel may take up to 6 business days to reach you
                                                      • We assert to pack and protect your precious carni cargo the best we can to ensure safe arrival of your new plant
                                                    • What happens if my plant arrives DEAD¬†‚ė†ÔłŹ
                                                      • Delivery times and handling of parcels by carriers are totally beyond our control
                                                      • Once your parcel leaves our premises we will send you the tracking details.¬† Couriers usually require a signature on delivery so please make sure there is someone who can take receipt of your parcel
                                                      • We will send you a strong, healthy plant and we cannot be held responsible for parcels left outside in the summer sun (or eaten by a dog ūüź© ūüėā)
                                                      • We strive towards excellence and you as our customer is our first priority
                                                        • Should your plants be dead on arrival, contact us immediately. Time allowed is 24 hours
                                                        • Please include images of damages to the parcel if applicable as well as the plants in question
                                                        • These images can be sent¬†to or Whatsapp 064 628 9497, and we will replace this item completely free of charge if the claim is warranted
                                                      • Should we not have the particular plant in stock anymore, we will issue you with store credit for the value of the lost plant (shipping fees excluded)
                                                      • We do not offer cash refunds
                                                      • We are always available for advice and, for easy reference, the web link to all our care sheets are available in the 'shipping and collection details e-mail' sent after your purchase, should you need advice on providing your new plant with optimal care
                                                      • The responsibility is now handed over to you
                                                        • We strongly urge you to do some research on specific needs and follow the guidelines provided
                                                        • Carnivorous plants are generally easy to grow providing they receive enough light, water and a bit of TLC
                                                        • We can therefor not be held responsible for declining plant health after the 24 hour time frame, due to lack of light, neglect, water quality, soil conditions etc¬†
                                                      • If you are unclear about anything regarding Cultivo's arrive alive policy, feel free to contact us for clarification

                                                            INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS

                                                            Do you ship to my country?
                                                            • We ship¬†orders to most countries providing the relevant documentation is in order
                                                            • Refer to the section below on ordering from us beyond the borders of South Africa¬†

                                                            Cultivo Carnivores International 


                                                                    RESELLING & WHOLESALE

                                                                    Everyone loves my plants! I'd like to become a reseller - does Cultivo offer plants and seed at wholesale prices?
                                                                    About Cultivo
                                                                    • Being specialist carnivorous plant growers, our main focus at Cultivo is treating each of our clients as a priority customer and we aim to offer you not only exceptional quality plants, but also the largest variety of carnivorous plant species that South Africa has to offer

                                                                    Wholesale and Distribution

                                                                    • Due to the fact that we mainly sell rare species and cultivars aimed at the plant connoisseur, we do not offer large or wholesale quantities from our private collection as a regular purchase option; However,¬†
                                                                      • We take great care in maintaining our international business relations and only import plants from reputable nurseries and private growers, enabling us to supply larger quantities of various carnivorous plant species for resale
                                                                      • During the winter months, we offer a mixed variety of the most popular carnivorous plant species at discounted prices for larger projects or resale - minimum orders apply.¬† Visit our wholesale and distribution section¬†for current offers

                                                                      Collector items

                                                                      • At Cultivo we specialise in carnivorous plants and as we focus mostly on offering you a variety of connoisseur and collector items, the labeled plant species and cultivars we sell are intended for cultivation and enjoyment by individual hobbyists and plant collectors only
                                                                      • As per our terms of service, we¬†reserve the right to limit or prohibit orders for collector items that, in our sole judgment, appear to be placed by propagators, dealers, distributors and re-sellers without prior arrangement
                                                                      • Should propagation for resale be your main purpose for buying our connoisseur plants, we ask that you make us aware of¬†it.¬† These orders will be considered on a case-by-case basis.¬† Failure to do so may lead to suspension of your account without prior notice

                                                                                  WINTERTIME & DORMANCY

                                                                                  Will Cultivo be open during the winter?
                                                                                  • Yes, Cultivo remains open year round, including the duration of winter dormancy
                                                                                  • Our business hours for collections from the nursery remains the same, and the online store is of course always be open
                                                                                  • During winter, live plants are available as dormant rhizomes (winter bulbs). These are available either already potted or bareroot - ready for you to pot up and for them to wake up during springtime at their new home
                                                                                  • Plants will be listed as ‚Äėdormant rhizome or winterbulb‚Äô so that you know exactly what to expect
                                                                                  • With the shorter daylight period and cooler weather, temperate carnivorous plants will enter a rest period called winter dormancy during the colder months of the year - in South Africa winter dormancy usually sets in between April and May and lasts until September to October
                                                                                    • Dormant plants will still be listed and available for purchase, however
                                                                                      • if you're new to carnivorous plants, this information will give you an idea of what to expect
                                                                                  • Plant images shown are always from our own plants unless otherwise mentioned
                                                                                    • Product images represent our plants in full summer growth under optimal conditions
                                                                                  • As plants are a product of nature, slight variations - in terms of size and colour - may occur
                                                                                  • If ever in doubt, feel free to contact us to confirm, prior to your purchase
                                                                                  What can I expect from my plants during winter dormancy?
                                                                                  • Should you be new to carnivorous plants we highly recommend doing some research on what to expect during the colder months so there are no (or fewerūüėČ) surprises
                                                                                  • The carnivorous plant world comprises of a whole bunch of different carnivorous plant species and varieties and some will need a rest period during wintertime to store enough energy for the new growing season.¬† In South Africa we are blessed with distinct seasons and besides being the most awesome plants in the universe, these plants are soooooo clever....they will know exactly when to go to sleep if grown in natural light
                                                                                  • During autumn, temperatures will start dropping and the daylight period become shorter, which will trigger a winter rest period in temperate carnivorous plants.¬† In South Africa, this¬†period usually starts during April and lasts until late September when the temperatures rise and the daylight period gets longer again
                                                                                  • Here is a few guidelines on what to expect during winter dormancy:
                                                                                  • Venus flytraps:
                                                                                    • As the daylight period gets shorter in autumn, trap formation will taper while energy is being stored in the underground stem (a bulb like structure called the rhizome)
                                                                                    • During late autumn the tall leaves and large summer traps will start dying off and the plant will generally appear much smaller (approx 1/4 size) for a couple of months in comparison to their active growing season (summer)
                                                                                      • This means that during wintertime, flytraps have very little growth above the soil level and are largely inactive during the colder months (May to October) of the year

                                                                                    Venus flytrap preparing for winter dormancy

                                                                                      • Most flytrap varieties still produce tiny traps close to the soil level (called ground hugging traps) that are sluggish to close
                                                                                      • Venus flytraps are mostly inactive from late autumn (around May), with new active growth (tall and/or longer leaves with larger traps) emerging during September and October
                                                                                      • Venus flytraps come back bigger and stronger after their beauty sleep and should be back in full bug-munching action by November
                                                                                      Winter vs summer - venus fly trap cv Whale
                                                                                      • Wintertime and¬†trumpet pitcher plants¬†
                                                                                        • As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop in autumn, the tall summer pitchers will die off from the lid either partially (halfway down) and in some cases¬†entirely, this is also the case for winter dormancy in purple pitchers and parrot pitcher plants
                                                                                        • many varieties of trumpet pitcher plants produce flat pitchers with small heads that will not open, these non-carnivorous leaves are used for phytosynthesis and is called phylloda
                                                                                        • During wintertime trumpet pitcher plants are unpotted and trimmed back.¬† Phylloda leaves are left for phytosynthesis while rhizomes are cleaned and treated with fungicide, hereafter they are repotted into fresh soil, ready for the upcoming growing season
                                                                                        • If grown outside in full sun, trumpet pitchers come back into play with bigger, stronger pitchers popping up from the growth point during September and October and should be in full swing by November
                                                                                      Carnivorous sarracenia Trumpet pitcher plants winter dormancy
                                                                                      • The growth on Tropical pitcher plants¬†will slow considerably during wintertime and
                                                                                        • Even though the foliage will remain, most of the pitchers (cups) produced during spring and summer will die off
                                                                                        • If grown in natural conditions, tropical pitcher plants will start growing actively - producing new foliage with pitcher formation - around September to October
                                                                                        • Temperate sundews for eg Drosera Binata and Drosera Filiformis as well as¬†Temperate butterworts¬†will die back to a single winter bud (called a hibernicula), with
                                                                                          • no visible growth above the soil level
                                                                                          • If given enough light, new growth on temperate sundews and butterworts will start popping up from (or around) the hibernicula when temperatures rise and the photoperiod gets longer in September to October
                                                                                          • Many plants in the Mexican butterwort family will lose their large carnivorous leaves as the daylight period gets shorter in winter
                                                                                            • With the exception of Pinguicula Gigantea, mexican butterworts will produce tight rosettes with tiny non-carnivorous leaves - making them appear much smaller during the colder months of the year
                                                                                            • Most mexican butterworts flower in late winter to early spring with the bigger carnivorous leaves returning around October to November

                                                                                          Comparison Winter dormancy vs summer growth in mexican pinguicula * carnivorous butterworts

                                                                                            • Albany pitcher plants tend to die back slightly producing tiny pitchers with
                                                                                              • new growth in the form of non-carnivorous leaves appearing first during springtime, followed by
                                                                                              • the larger thumb-like carnivorous pitchers during summertime
                                                                                            • Most terrestrial bladderworts¬†we have for sale will flower during the warmer months, thus
                                                                                              • during wintertime only the green leaves are visible¬†


                                                                                              • Buying plants from Cultivo during wintertime
                                                                                                • Plant images shown are always from our own plants unless otherwise mentioned.¬† To best display individual characteristics on each species and/or variety, images represent our plants in full summer growth under optimal conditions
                                                                                                • From May to October, temperate plants will be sold as dormant rhizomes (underground bulbs or roots) with cut pitchers.¬† Naturally, this will cause the plant to appear smaller overall
                                                                                                • As many species and varieties are inactive in the colder months, we repot our plants into fresh carnivorous plant soil¬†during winter dormancy.¬† Plants and dormant rhizomes are available either bareroot or already potted - ready for the upcoming growing season
                                                                                                • Keep the soil only moist during wintertime and provide as much direct sunlight as possible.¬† Protect your plants from below freezing temperatures.¬† Temperate plants settle in better if repotted into fresh carnivorous plant soil at the end of winter dormancy - around August to mid-September.¬†If given optimal conditions, plants will start growing actively with new growth emerging from the growth point as the days get longer during September to October
                                                                                                • Shipping during winter dormancy is ideal as it reduces stress on the plant and help them to settle in quicker into their new environment without too much disturbance
                                                                                                • For the most part, the carnivorous plant species we grow, display best during the active growing season.¬†¬†For those carni-fans who wish to drop by to view before purchase, the Strawberry pot nursery stock plants and winter bulbs year round - they are located at 202 Hendrik Verwoerd drive in Wierdapark, Centurion and are open 8am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 3pm on Sundays
                                                                                                • As always, our online store is open 24/7 and we offer a range of payment- and shipping options if you are not collecting from the nursery
                                                                                                • If at any time you are in doubt, drop us an e-mail¬†or Whatsapp us prior to ordering for further assistance


                                                                                                          I'm a personal grower with different species & varieties plants that you offer - would you be interested in trades?
                                                                                                          • Generally, as the we use the online nursery's income to settle admin fees, purchase new plants, stock and supplies, we do not do trades
                                                                                                          • Although, adding to the boutique mystique, we are always looking to expand the selection available at Cultivo, so
                                                                                                            • instead of a trade, should you have any carnivorous plants and/or cuttings on offer we don't already have for sale, we are very willing to compensate you financially
                                                                                                          • So, for extra cash in your pocket, please¬†contact us with a price list of your plant cuttings (rooted / unrooted) or plants you have on offer, we look forward to hearing from you

                                                                                                          PLANT CARE

                                                                                                          Ohh I'm super new to carnivorous plants. Are they difficult to grow??
                                                                                                          • Contrary to the popular belief, carnivorous plants are not difficult to grow provided their basic needs are met.¬† Most will need a fair amount of direct sunlight for phytosynthesis and all will need low mineral water and nutrient-deficient soil.¬† Even though the venus flytrap is the most famous of them all, there are more carnivorous plant species than you may know of and according to their needs, we will have to adjust the care of each trying to simulate their natural habitat, to grow them successfully
                                                                                                          • With so much conflicting information on the internet it is easy to get overwhelmed.¬† We have complete and quick reference care sheets available at a touch of a button. Click here for our reference guide¬†for more info on taking care of your carnivorous plant, growing your own live sphagnum moss culture and sowing carnivorous plant seeds¬†
                                                                                                          • Should you need further clarification after studying these guidelines, give us a shout, we're here to help
                                                                                                          Oh no! What's going on with my plant? Please assist
                                                                                                          • Till date, our expert team have assisted many carnivorous plant enthusiasts across the globe, more so within the borders of South Africa
                                                                                                          • Even though we do not have ALL the answers we can assist with general growing advice and common problems associated with carnivorous plants
                                                                                                          • Note that the advice we provide is based purely on personal experience and is not set in stone. We always recommend doing additional research on specific concerns. The internet is filled with excellent resources, how-to videos, discussion forums and carnivorous plant social media groups
                                                                                                          • Some excellent publications are also available and make for wonderful bedtime reading - check out our recommendations here
                                                                                                          I've done my research and is still unsure. Can you help me brainstorm?
                                                                                                          • We can assist with specific plant queries and concerns:
                                                                                                            • Abnormal growth
                                                                                                            • Expectations due to seasonal changes ie. winter dormancy
                                                                                                            • Pests and disease
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