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COLLECTORS ITEM: Drosera Esmeraldae loc Cerro Duida, Venezuela

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Plant Description
  • Species: Drosera
  • Drosera Esmeraldae is a small, warm temperate sundew native to South America.  South American sundews are generally very colourful if grown in proper conditions and will attain that deep red colour if grown in very bright light (We grow them in a tropical terrarium setting along with the petiolaris complex sundews)
  • Drosera Esmeraldae is quite rare in cultivation and will be a fantastic addition to the ultimate connoisseur collection - highly recommended for carnivorous plant enthusiasts ready to advance to the next level
  • Bite-size info:
    • 🏡 Outdoors or indoors with artificial lighting
    • 📅 Warm temperate.  Treat as tropical
    • 🌱 Mature size: 2cm
    • 🏆 Recommended for: More experienced carnivorous plant enthusiasts


  • Whether you prefer starting off with a younger plant and watch it grow into full majestic glory over the years or jumping in with more munch, right from the get go, we've got you covered! Cultivo is all about choices and our plants are available in various sizes and options to suit your every need
  • The size on offer refers to the maximum size your plant will reach during the upcoming growing season
Bareroot or potted?
  • We recommend sundews as potted plants for beginner carnivorous plant enthusiasts - simply unwrap, water and enjoy!  Potted plants are sent with a protective covering and will be good in this soil for another 6-9 months.  Planter sizes are selected in relation to plant size and range from 5cm to 10cm pots unless otherwise mentioned
  • Bare root plants are for those who wish to pot up and acclimatise their own plants.  Sundews generally have very fragile roots and may take a while to settle in.  Bareroot plants are rinsed and sent in a protective covering with roots wrapped in damp paper towels
  • Still in need of special potting soil? Pick up some of our deluxe premixed growing media for sundews here
Currently available
  • This guideline is provided as reference and is indicative of the current state or condition of the plant you will receive
  • Sundews are classified on our store as temperate, subtropical and tropical.  If your are new to the carnivorous plant world >> Read our guideline on Temperate plants and winter dormancy:  What to expect so there are no surprises when ordering plants from us during the colder months


Plant care & special considerations
  • 🏡 We recommend growing this one in a terrarium with 12-16 hours artificial (full spectrum) lighting
  • ☀️ Requires warm temperatures and minimum 6 hours direct sunlight
  • 💧 Moist, nutrient-free soil (rain or distilled water)
  • 🍴 No need to feed
  • 🌷 Cut flowerstalks as soon as they emerge
  • 💤 Tend to go through cycles of growth and dormancy
  • ✅ Detailed care information is available in our online reference guide and the weblink is included with your purchase 

Special considerations:

  • General care includes distilled- or reverse osmosis water via the tray method and low to moderate light - Let the tray dry slightly between waterings
  • Drosera Esmeraldae prefers warm and humid conditions year round and would thrive in a controlled terrarium setting with very bright light
  • This plant is finicky about water quality and prefers distilled- or reverse osmosis water to limit humic acid buildup on the crown of the plant


When will I receive my plant?
  • This plant is sold exclusively via our online store and is ready to ship.  See estimated delivery date at checkout
Will my plant be safe during shipping?
  • Absolutely! All live plant material is sent using our deluxe packaging methods and is backed by Cultivo's 'Arrive Alive' guarantee


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