• Get ready for some wild plant parenting!

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So you just got bitten by the carni-bug and looking for MORE variety to expand your collection

Great!! We hereby officially welcome you to the beginner enthusiast carnivorous plant hobbyist obsession....ย  addiction.... er....SECTION

While you chew on this idea, here are some fun facts to digest:

  • Carnivorous plant species are found across the globe on every continent, except Antarctica
  • Till date, over 1000ย species and subspeciesย of carnivorous plants have been formally described
  • The infamous venus flytrap is internationally listed asย vulnerable on the endangered plant species listย 
  • Africa as a continent, contains about 65 carnivorous plant species alone.ย  Most of these are sticky sundews and many of them occur in our very own Southern Africa
  • Anyone can grow carnivorous plants.ย  Most species only requires low-nutrient soil, distilled water, sufficient sunlight and a friendly greeting each morning to thrive
  • Jumping in head first into the carnivorous plant world can be overwhelming.ย  Be sure to check out our recommended websites for an introduction to carnivorous plants and further reading
  • Many carnivorous plant species do not need terrariums, fancy grow lights, home made jungles or greenhouses, and depending on the species will do just fine in a sheltered spot on a windowsill with very bright light, a sunny patio or outdoors in direct sun as a bug-munching feature next to your swimming pool

More options...more variety! Featured here, is a handpicked selection of easy to grow carnivorous plants and supplies to get you started on growing your very own insect-eating plant collection - highly recommended for the beginner carnivorous plant enthusiast

Ready for some bug-munching action? Awesome! Let's go shopping ...