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Best carnivorous plant species to grow in an indoor setting
  • While most of the more well known carnivorous plant species, such as the infamous venus flytrap, will thrive in an outdoor setting, you can still grow carnivorous plants indoors
  • Butterworts, bladderworts, albany pitcher plants, sun pitchers, cobra lilies, tropical pitcher plants, some sundew species and seedlings are all fantastic candidates for a sunny windowsill or planted terrarium with artificial lightingΒ 
  • Plants are to receive a minimum of 4-6 hours direct sunlight to grow well.Β  In most cases, a north-facing windowsill is best.Β  Water with distilled water and keep the soil moist by watering every other day (a regular houseplant watering schedule will do just fine)
  • Supplement natural light with a full spectrum, artificial light to extend the daylight period if needed.Β  In a terrarium with artificial light setting, a minimum of 12-16 hours is recommended
  • Bring some carnivorous plant magic to your terrarium or an otherwise boring windowsill with these recommendations:Β