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Live sphagnum moss is now available in South Africa!

  • Sphagnum moss species have different characteristics and generally sports an array of exciting colours varying from yellow, various shades of green and red, brown and even purple
  • For aesthetic reasons live sphagnum moss is perfect as a colourful topdressing and is also often used as growing medium for tropical pitcher plants (nepenthes), sun pitchers, cobra lilies, sundews, epiphytic bladderworts, some orchids and other bog and wetland plants
  • The unique anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of live sphagnum makes it ideal forย delicate plant cuttings and is also often used in waterfall systems and biological filtration systems - Great for terrariums and with amphibians
  • Listed here, we have various imported variations and species in sample portions, to jumpstart a topdressing for your favourite carnivore or get you started on your very own live sphagnum moss culture