• At Cultivo we focus on the rare, weird and wonderful.ย  We love experimenting and being collectors, we also grow a diverse range of carnivorous plant species, varieties and cultivars ourselves
  • Our cross-hairs are aimed at the ultimate plant connoisseur and many of the plants we sell are either imported, seed-grown or produced by our own tissue culture program - thereby offering you a unique opportunity to grow your existing collection with those carnivorous plant species and cultivars that you may not find locally
  • Generally, all of our sales are managed via the online store which is updated with stock levels in real timeย - if it is listed as ' In stock ' on the store, it is available for purchase
  • Most of the rare plants we offer is extremely limited and sold out means...sold outย 
  • We keep a close eye on those handpicked cream of crop carni's and besides regularly relisting some fan favourites, we also often add brand new plants and products to the storeย 
  • From time to time we also make some additional collector plants from the personal collection available for sale - These scarce species and rare cultivars are usually only available in limited quantities and may sell out fast, thus be sure not to miss out on an opportunity as they are only available while stocks last
  • Don't miss out on South Africa's most exciting carnivorous plant venture yet! Our team has spent the last couple of months searching high and low for those rare plants on your wish lists. Check out Pre-orders @ Cultivo for more information